Marc_G5 45yrs / Mental and spiritual health coach

Marc_G5 45yrs / Mental and spiritual health coach

Father of a lovely boy and husband of lovely wife.

I dedicated my whole last 25 years as my full time job to mental health, spirituality and freedom based on the Yoga Philosophy.

I give lectures, workshops, trainings world wide specially in the West of Europe, America and in the french Caribbean.

I am here on DBL for two reason :

  1. I am grateful and respectful towards DBL founder and his team for gathering such team which seems to me to be dedicated towards their work and towards their own individual emancipation.

  2. I am also here because I want to promote my teaching on line and I need support. I look for qualified people who could work for/with me at every step of the marketing : traffic acquisition, social networking, landing page, copywritting, funnel builder,ā€¦

My goals :

Like in the last 25 years old, I want to carry on promoting more efficiently all I know about mental and spiritual health world wide. I want to make all my teaching available on line to my french, Italian and English community.



Welcome to you !

Thank you!

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Welcome Marc!

Such awesome dedications & goals.

Wish you the best!


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Thank you Tony! The best to you too.


Hi Marc and welcome brother !

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Hi Stark Thank you for your message. I appreciate!


Hello welcome to DBL.

Iā€™m praticing yoga too and have a great interess in well being so I hope we will exchange on the subject.


Hello Marc ! Very interesting your profile.:ok_hand:

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Great ! Welcome brother !

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Hello Adrien Thank you for welcoming me in DBL. It would be a pleasure to exchange with you too.

Thank you Antoine :+1:

Thank you Gaetan for welcoming me ! I appreciate !