Marc_G4 - 22yo - Student in History and International relationships

Hi everyone, my name is Marc. I am a 22 years old french man and i study history of international relationships. I would like to pursue next year with a master in International security and defense. I am single, and I don’t have money yet.

Since couple months, i lost hope about France. I joined the french foreign legion as a reservist, but i don’t want to fight anymore for my people who want to kill themeselves. I discovered Jean Marie Corda’s videos and he convinced me that the only way is to move to eastern europe. I don’t even know if i want to pursue my master next year, and i’m thinking about to make a gap year to travel around eastern europe and find opportunities. I already did it for six months in Brigton (UK) couple years ago to improve my english. I’m hoping this forum will help me to find opportunities, by learning things in marketing or anything else because i only have knowledges in politic and history. I want to find something which could interest me to fund a business and gain money. I didn’t talk yet to my family but I think that i’m going to leave France in the five next years. I Know that i don’t have any knowledges about business and marketing, but i learn fast and I really want to make something in my life.

I hope that my profile will interest you !


Welcome to you @Marc_G4

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Honour first. Welcome

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Hello Marc ! Good luck for your projects, from another FFL reservist

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