Manou_G4 - 32 yo - Digital Projects Creator

Hey everyone!

I’m Manuel from Belgium.
Here are some words to introduce myself :slight_smile:

Projects and earnings

I’m earning from 1200€ to 2500€ per month.

  • :computer: Work : ± 1200€ a month

That’s the main income.
I’m doing administration stuff.

  • :house_with_garden: Airbnb : ± 300/450€ a month

I have someone handling an Airbnb place for me in France.
Still working great despite Covid.

I am doing absolutely nothing but providing him the money out of the banks system.
I’m taking 25% commission on his earnings.

  • :gift: Products selling : ± 1000€ per cycle (but gonna change)

I found a great small niche.

I am ordering the physical products from Aliexpress and then improve the packaging before selling it. Which allows me to take a profit from x5 to x100 hundred time the price depending of the product and the place I sell it.

The problem of it is shipping.

I was used to only take them by 50. Selling it then ordering again.
But in between is too long.

I changed my mind about that. I’m still ordering 50 by 50 but all orders together.
For now I am waiting for 300 products to arrive and I’m gonna continue to order more.
Goal is to have 1000 products in advance.

This 300 products order costed me 800€.
Based on my past selling it’s gonna provide me around 20000/25000€

  • :moneybag: Crypto

Well… a lot to say about that.

Made and missed a lot shit of money with since 2015.

I now disciplined myself about crypto and am deep into it.
I gonna use it as my main passive income from differents crypto projects.

For now I put in $5000 last week that I turned into $8500/$9000 for now.
I will put the most of my futur earnings into it for now.

And so on about projects.


Just a few skills…

  • :writing_hand: Excellent writer:

I founded a successful blog back in 2011 about french writing novels that I sold in 2014.
Website was around 300.000 visitors a year.

  • :desktop_computer: Webmarketing:

Well… you know… stuffs like SEM / Emailing / Copywriting / CMS / Community Management / Etc

  • :people_holding_hands: Mediator and communication:

I’m usually pretty good to help people resolve their conflicts (with each other).
I am a good listener and always find a balanced solution for everyone.

This skill also allows me to manage the role of project manager as I have a global vision of everyone’s point of view.

  • :brain: Mental health:

I’ve been in depressions past and still facing anxiety on a physical point.
Thanks Western world destroying everyone’s health step by step.

I’m doing a lot of inner spiritual work and developed a large panel of skills about mental health and personal balance.

  • :slot_machine: And much more to discover!


:medal_sports: Short-term

  • Making more money
  • Working and improving my physical and mental health

:medal_sports: Mid-term

  • Travelling in some eastern countries to discover which one I prefer.
    Even if for now I feel it to be Bulgaria or Estonia.

:medal_sports: Long-term

  • Expatriation if I end my relation with my girlfriend
  • Secure 10000€ to have a year life spendings in advance when expatriation.
  • Working/develop on (new) projects
  • Develop my spirituality

Why joining?

:belgium: Belgium is boring me as fuck.

As I was depressed in the past I was used to travel to flee that since 2013.

Months and years passed travelling :world_map:

I better understood myself and learned to enjoy travels out of my past shitty life conditions.
I discovered myself as I never knew myself.

Except the fact of Belgium :warning:
Probably because of my past and the emotional effect.

Even if I’m way more deep and conscious of myself now… I can’t feel otherwise than seeing the shithole country Belgium is.

Everytime I came back from my travels I felt into “doing nothing” and depressed mentality.
Like most of people here. Nothing to do even out the covid situation… :pill:

I don’t want to connect with people and invest myself in that society here.

The only thing keeping me from expatriation for now is my girlfriend. But I feel like I lost more and more interest into our relationship. I’m gonna probably put an end to it even if I love how we can share deep and with peace together.

But if it comes… I will make some money quickly and move to Bulgaria or Estonia where I’ll be happy to invest myself with the community :handshake:


Alright cool !

Welcome @Manou_G4

Thx buddy! :grinning:

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Hi @Manou_G4,

I’m in bulgaria since 3 years now.

If you have any questions about expatriation in Bulgaria (language, location, regular job with international company,… ) , I able to provide you some tips (keep in mind I’m not an expert :smile:).

Do not hesitate to contact me with a private message it’s free :smile:.

Take care of yourself !


Thx for your welcome!

Sure I will stay in touch with you as soon as I am a little more advance on this expatriation project! I’ll write you then :grinning:

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Bulgaria or Estonia ? Day and night!

Both! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’m also considering Czech Republic.

It will depends on several points that I will definy.
And I’m probably gonna visit différent countries to see.

Cheers :blush:

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Hi @Manou_G4,

The best tip is, do a city trip first.

You will be able to see if the country is done for you.

Like that you will not choose a city or a country on a paper sheet.

It is a bit more expensive but you will not regret it.

Best regard, Olivier