Mandatory vaccination and expatriation

Hey Bros, my English is pretty basic and I haven’t done much on the forum, I preferred to work on myself and concentrate on the business.

I don’t really know what to think about this shit, I understand that expatriation and circulation in the European Union will be closed in the absence of the health pass and vaccination that will be implemented this summer.

I’ll leave you the article to discuss it. Good luck to you.


For the moment, there’s no mandatory vaccination, whether in France or in the EU. But probably, in the future, life will be made more difficult for non vaccinated people. For example, the health pass can get mandatory in small places like restaurants (it’s the case in Danemark, I think). In short, you’ll have the choice between the vaccine or the end of your social life. But you’ll have the choice. :smirk:

It will probably be mandatory for kids at school or to get hired in a company as well. But again, you’ll be free to not get a job. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: But kids won’t escape it, since French government doesn’t really like homeschooling.

So yeah, I’m pessimistic for France, but I don’t see countries like Bulgaria or Ukraine imposing strict rules in that realm. But it’s just a theory…


I post here now that we are in this mandatory vaccination, what does the community think about it ?

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You know what the community thinks about it: leave France.

Any Central/Eastern European country will be much less likely to enforce this kind of totalitarian measures, so just leave and go anywhere you like.


We need to leave that country as fast as possible. It begins to be impossible to breathe here.

I’m on my way. Expatriate guys, see you in few months.


I saw Russia and Emirates are doing the same. Only eastern European countries like Poland, Bulgaria etc… didn’t do anything yet… but for how much time ?

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The truth is that it will be everywhere. The only thing that we can do now is to save time to earn enough power to live as you want in the future.