Lucie_G4 - 31 years - Strip dancer & Content creator

Hi everybody ! I am glad to be there !

I discovered DBL by a friend. I am conscious this community is more oriented for men… but above all, I have the sensation everyone in this forum wants to grow up to be more POWERFUL and to get a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE, that’s what I want and the reason I’m here.

My strange professional background :

⦁ I first did a Master in Social Psychology of Communication and Marketing (I studied mainly the psychology of commitment, persuasion and social representation of brand). After that I worked 6 months as a Social Psychologist in a cognitive media and advertising studies Institute in Paris.

⦁ Then I decided to travel to Australia for 1 year to improve my English and make good money, there I started to give French lessons and to be a Stripper ! I was very proud to represent my country :heart:

⦁ Back to France, I kept working as a stripper for 6 years, but as the cabaret is closed due to government measure, I can’t do my work …

My goals :

⦁ From now on, I intend to sell videos, some dance tutorials on the internet.

⦁ I want to register at the Satoshi Canal and invest my money.

I think it could be benificial that more girls get involved in this community and I hope my social psychology knowledge will be helpful.

See you soon !


Marketing is psychology therefore you have a good advantage as a beginner.

Hard work and discipline always pay their due, let’s go !


Welcome Lucie !

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Yess I think too ! Thank you for your message and your good energy !

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Thank you Charlie :pray:t3:

Welcome Lucie :slight_smile:

Your career path is very original, but it’s very interesting.

I don’t know if there is concurrence is your field (dance) but i think you have great opportunities for business. Do you follow some business/marketing courses ?

I am glad to see other girls in our community by the way :slight_smile:


Hi Stacy :wink:

Thank you for your message ! Happy to see antoher girl too !

Yess actually there is some concurrence in my field, but most of the teacher in this field are not stripper, so that’s maybe my strength.

Actually I don’t follow any marketing/business course yet.