Louis_G5_27yo - Growth hacker (ecommerce and direct marketing)

Hi to all my fellow DBL members.

My name is Louis. I am 27 yo and I currently live in switzerland (french speaking part).

My activity

I am CEO of a growth marketing agency called Adsets I help business like ecommerce & web entrepreneurs make more money online by giving them a XP boost from my past experiences.

My material & affective situation

I own several real estate property (in French and Switzerland) and I invest in the stock and crypto market.

I am sharing my life with a beautiful woman.

Reason of my arrival

Two reason:

  1. Because I want to meet people sharing my objectives and my culture. People who are not brainwashed yet by the media.

  2. Because I want to make business with people sharing my goals and culture. I am tired of putting my talent and energy at the service of people that don’t share the same vision of society.

Short terms goals

Make 1K€ with digital goods online

**Long terms goals **

Open a VC company to finance and digitalize companies with a good Product Market Fit but no digital talents.

That’s all folks. Thanks to Jean Marie for building this awesome community.

See you around here :wink:


Hello Louis_G5, Switzerland, the survivalist haunt;) (Piero San Giorgio) Good luck Welcome to DBL

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Welcome to DBL :wink:

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