Louis- 29 - Web Developer / Integrator

Hello brothers,

My name’s Louis, single 29yo French Web Developer / Integrator in the Nord.

I discovered the community because I had been following JM and Conversano from for a while, I immediately appreciated them humanely, but I had reservations … because yes, what do you want … when we are fed on leftism and French communism, even when you have to deal with diversity, you have to work on yourself to uninhibit the ideas that are ours, and realize the urgency of break away of this zombie country, and start a family in Europe.

So thank you to them for saving my soul.

The reason for my coming is that I want to join a community of solid guys, with the same horizon, a fraternity.

Short term goals:

  1. Work until I obtain a level of competence that I deem good
  2. Obtain a level of English that I will deem acceptable
  3. Leave this communist and depressed sheep country

Long term goals:

  1. Have wife and kids
  2. Be part of the new world we are going to build

Thank you !



Hello there !

The G4 opening is closed, that’s why i erased G4 of the title and your username

You’ll have to wait until the next opening to be part of the fifth generation



It’s nice to see some developers.

What are you working on? Are you already tarnished by JavaScript? Or your just an HTML and CSS developer?

Check on the forum to check the posts about that. Anyway, to be sure to be good you must just confront yourself to the market.

I’ll maybe make a post about that but even before it you must know something: practice is either useless or at least inefficient. Just bet on your mirror neurons and it’ll be fine! (if you don’t know a lot of English channels, check the Power Aesthetic, then check the post we have on our forum).

Do you know where country you’d prefer?

Excellent! Strangely, the group is really impacted by the modern individualism so Jean-Marie Corda says that the best way to thank him is to say one’s own ass by expatriation.

If the communism is still restraining you, you shall watch Tugan’s RX. And if it lingers, there is only one guy that is 0% communist, he is the only one since this wretch of Socrat (fuck you Socrat!), Nietzsche!

While Tugan said that hard work “justifies” the the crime to have money, Niezsche is saying about the “social question”:

  1. The question of the working class. The stupidity at bottom, the degeneration of the instincts — which is today the cause of all stupidities and lies in the fact that there is a question of the working class. There are certain things one does not ask about: primary imperative of instinct. I just can’t see what one wants to do with the European worker now that one has made a question out of him. He is doing far too well not to ask more questions, step by step, not to ask questions less modestly. After all, he has the great mass on his side. The hope is now completely gone that a modest and self-sufficient sort of human being, a Chinese type, could build itself up into a class here: and this would have been rational, it would virtually have been a necessity. What has one done? Everything to nip in the bud the very prerequisites for this development through the most irresponsible thoughtlessness, one has destroyed the very basis of the instincts thanks to which a worker becomes possible as a class, becomes possible for himself. One has made the worker eligible for military service, one has given him the right to unionize, the right to vote: so no wonder that today the worker already experiences his existence as a crisis (expressed morally, as injustice). But what does one want? I ask once again. If one want an end, one must also will the means: if one wills to have slaves, one is a fool to educate them to be masters.

N.B: I’d think that your goals should be written at infinitive


welcome aboard


Thanks !

I master HTML / CSS (what I call integration) but also JavaScript and PHP object oriented

I worked a few years in adult training (not like JM eh), where I did a lot of small web applications as well as alternative themes for our clients.

Currently I am training on Wordpress development (custom theme and modules), then I think to learn PrestaShop which seems interesting (but I’m not sure for the moment)

Romania is a good candidate

Ho … registering on babel was not a good idea so … Thanks for the advice

I signed up for RX, I started the course


The issue, at least in my point of view, with learning application, is that they look kind of a chore. I tried to learn German with one (the better according to a youtuber that has a channel on the subject), I just stopped.

To improve, one just needs to listen. But to start, one can’t listen (one sucks too much). One must learn vocabulary.

But the problem with the vocabulary one learns in school or those mobile apps, is that most of it is useless. They can make you spend hour to talk about different means of transport, different foods, … While you don’t even know how to conjugate or the basic prepositions.

It’s why I built a software that do a simple thing: range the words by their use. It worked with an English translation and a German one of “Thus spoke Zarathustra” of my favorite philosopher.

Now I’ve a list to start really learning my German (that I’ll procrastinate until the app will be available for all DBL members) or another with English vocabulary.

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