Lot of questions

Hi every one !

So maybe it’s my mistake or maybe not, actually i didnt read the whole forum and i dont find so mutch topic and information about Russia and DBL members into Russia who talking about that… so i will ask my several questions here on this topic.

to be more clear and precise i will clarify a bit my will, but i have several options in my head…

Actually 38Yrs; want to join a French comunity to develop some project or starting some study; also would like to meet and mary with a Russian woman, or eastern country.

1- for your point of view, what is the better way for talking Russian properly : 1 year of study for foreigners or other way that i dont know yet ?

2- how many DBL comunity are they into Russia actually and where, or wich towns ?

3- if i would like to study at university, is it possible to rent a small appartement for not a lot of money, because that mean : Study = no regular incomes from a job… and i dont want just a small room because i have a lot of stuff.

4- from your point of view; how much economys is better to have for coming to study for around 4 years in St Petersburg ( for example) ?

5- what about the feminism in Russia … lol does it exist in a other form than in France ?

6- if i find an interesting work project with a DBL community in Russia ( or by myself), wich kind of visa does i need ?

7- are there some good dentists in Russia, from the big town to the small villages ? because i need to have some implant, so, maybe it’s better for me to do it before to go ?

8- how many month the winter is long, and is there some interesting regions or town in Russia to have a shorter winter ?

9- what are the 3 most important things to do, to know or to have for going to live in Russia ?

10- is any body know about the east coast or deep regions of Russia, and is it a really good iea for a french to start from there ?

Thank a lot bros !


Hi Nicolas

Make sure to re-read your posts before publishing them. The mistakes you make in English makes your text quite difficult to understand. Also, I advise you to look up on sites like numbeo since some of the answers to the questions your asked can be found there easily

There is not a single way to learn Russian, to each their own. You can find the DBL Russian course on the DBL shop or try something else (I learned it on my own)

There is one section in Moscow and one in Saint-Petersburg, there’s also the farm project close to Perm.

I don’t think it will be a problem for tenants as long as you can pay the rent. Worst-case scenario: you find a flat on Airbnb. They never ask any questions


It depends a lot on your living standards, really. I don’t know Saint-Petersburg but you can find info here

You won’t have any problems, don’t worry about it

If it’s for work, then a business visa. But you can also work on a student visa

In case you don’t find good ones, you can always go to private clinics

Also depends on where you’re planning to go. Winters are shorter in places like Sochi or Krasnodar (in the south)

Learn Russian, understand the people, follow the rules

Moscow is the best place to start for a foreigner along with Saint-Petersburg. Moving to a region first is too hardcore


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