Looking for help to begining affiliation

I want to start an affiliation business but I don t know how begin:

I m correct in copywriting but I m loose in which way to use for have trafic and overall find a niche (a thematic).

I have trained myself on wordpress,i know what are seo,emailing and this kind of things but i dont know in pratice how begining and not do shit.

I m an R(x) student and i ve choose affiliation cause of the low quantity of money need,but maybe it s a bad choice,I m ready to work hard,but not to put a lot of money on the table.

I resume my questions: -How begining in affiliation? -Is it a good choice in my situation?

Thanks by advance


You will be forced to put money on the table at one moment (hosting, domain name, etc.). If you are motivated you can try to make a partnership.

I started to do some affiliation as well, the thing is that you will need to put money on the table, mostly for the advertisement and the traffic. You need to build an email list, and you need to send your affiliate links to the most people possible. I have a selection of 60 products in the same niche, but I don’t have a huge email list, so I still need to put some money on the table. But I think it is a good way to start as you don’t need to create the product, nor dealing with the customer service, or to a minimum like, « please contact this email » I can tell you and show you what I am doing.


OK,when i say no money i want to say 200-400 euro Maximum

Sure,i m interested,MP?

I know « do affiliation » don t mean so much like that,it s depend of the trafics sources ect… And it could be more pertinent to make his own offer,his own selling pages ect… When i say affiliation i think the genearal set of this type of business modele.

For find a nich i ve read and search affiliate product in 1tpe and click bank,but clickbank are in english and that a scary market for me(maybe i m wrong) and 1tpe have product whish… how say that? a littly shitty.