Looking for feedback on Yann Darwin's RLT portfolio


In a process of diversification of my investments, I am starting to take an interest in the stock market. I don’t want to become a trader but an investor.

I am not necessarily looking for very high yields. between 10 and 15 per year seems very good to me.

I have several lines of thought in this direction, but today I would like to address one in particular.

The RLT portfolio proposed by Greenbull and highlighted by Yann Darwin.

If you have enough knowledge about this product to give me your opinion or better, if you have subscribed to this service and you can give me feedback, thank you for your help.

Don’t forget that I am completely new to this field and I am looking for a service that is not time-consuming with little risk.

Can’t wait to read you, thank you bro.

François. :muscle:



I don’t know the product itself and this guy but I see this portfolio can be copied on eToro.

If you go on etoro, you can check past performances on a monthly basis and also the portfolio dispatch.

Like that you can study it and find out if it fits your need and personality. I’ve checked and it seems they don’t use leverage which is a good point (because it has a lot of fees).

You will have to handle nothing except send USD money (as far as I know, etoro expect $). So maybe use something like Revolut to reduce swap fees between € to $.

Your profits will be taxed each year (vs PEA or crypto). You can download the statement report from etoro and convert in €.

I’m copying 2 traders like that on etoro.

You can copy several ones to diversify if you want to.



Thank you very much.

I don’t understand that you can find the wallet and copy it directly while they are selling this service.

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What exactly is leverage in the case of the stock market?

Well, maybe the product on etoro is another one? I don’t know, I just did a quick search and find out it was on etoro.

Leverage is buying more asset than you can afford. In a way, you’re borrowing money from the broker. It has cost and increase risk (e.g. if you use 2x leverage, if the asset go down by 50% you loose everything).

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Ok thank you.

Hello François,

According to the type of investment you are describing, I can suggest :

I know it is not in the stock market but more specifically on crowfunding.

Reviews are good and I personally use it.

Ranges are between from 10 to 15% per year

The only thing you need to do is to choose your investor profile and deposit euros. :wink:

I know it doesn’t give answer or opinion to what you asked above but the message is only for diversification purpose.

I hope it helped.



You have this topic as well that might interest you :smiley:

And this one as well

Have a good night



Thank you very much @DanielS_G3

It’s an interesting track.

I am open to this kind of proposals on the topic but to get into the details of this investment I will contact you in PM.

Like that, if a bro opens the topic to find information precisely on the investment presented in the title, he will not be lost in information that it did not come to look for.

Hello François,

I suggest you tu use ETF like s&p500 for stock market. It’s a very passive way to invest that you don’t have to choose your own actions.

ETF s&p500 is a portfolio that replicates the value of the 500 largest companies in the United States, so it’s very diverse. Its yield is on average 10-12% per year.

It is a 100% passive income, so it is what you are looking for.


Thank you @Daniel_G3

It’s indeed a string to add to my future bow.

And SP500 can be stored in a PEA like that no tax and you can compound your performance each year.

You’re taxed on PEA only when you withdraw money and if you wait at least 5 years before withdrawing you’ll pay “only” social tax at 17,2%.

This is one of my strategy (the long term one) and 100% passive.


I thought that for the PEA, it was absolutely necessary french stocks?

European stocks, but you can replicate the sp500 with a syntetich ETF, but it is not exactly the same structure.

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