Looking for a mockup

Hello brothers,

I’m working hard since 5 months to start my first “program” on internet.

To finish the job, I need some nice pictures of my program : PC white my program on the screen, book’s and cd whit the cover of my program,…

Do you know how this picture is called and Who can help me to do it ?

Thx in advence !

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This is not clear my friend …

Do you want the help of a designer ??

Exaclty !

I Need a designer. To make the cover of my program on pc, cd, books,…

I’m selling à PDF and I need some Nice picture to ilustrate it.

I’m actually looking for a mockup of my spirituality program !

I would like to have one from the community and i will pay for this service.

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Send an email to contact@shopdbl.com

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