List of Training and Work Study programs offers (Alternances / Stages)

Hi bros,

I’ll start a list of jobs offers, especially for the youngest ones who want to leave France quickly (but with socialists parents for example).

Here for example : Stage en communication et coopération (en langue française et en anglais), you can follow your training with “classical” studies but still work on your expatriation.

If you see other offers like that, please share them here.


The job section of LinkedIn is pretty well made.

If you have a good English and want to find a job in Eastern Europe, you type “French” in the search bar and the name of the city/country you want to live in.

Here are the results I get for Bucharest, for example:

As you’ll see, there are some opportunities in customer services, if this is something you’re interested in. You can also contact Olivier G2 if you want to work in Bulgaria.