[Likely a ponzi scheme] FREE MONEY FOR YOU : More profitable than crypto ?!

[Admin note:

Please beware : We allowed this post but do not endorse it. To us it seems very likely to be a ponzi scheme, something that the author denies.

We encourage readers to use utmost skepticism and do not take any information at face value. ]

My friends,

Imagine, put 1000 euros in a magic box, come back 109 days later, and take 1500 euros.

Then, you put again these 1500 euros, you come back after 109 days, and you receive 2250 euros.

You make this operation a third time : 2250 e → 3375 euros.

In 1 year, you had multiply your invested capital by 3,37.

Let’s admit you do this operation 3 times more : After 1 year, your 3375 euros are now 11 250 euros.

3 times more ?

Let’s go.

Your money, in 3 years, will go from 1000 euros to 37 875 euros.


Not bad, right ?

Okay, it’s not a x100 like the meme-coins (crypto).

Okay, it’s not in 6 months but in 3 years.

That said, if you don’t want to wait years for compound interest to kick in, you can just make your x1.5 in 109 days and go straight away, without reinvesting.

Do you have 50 000 euros sleeping in a bank account ? Put them in this magic box, come back 109 days later, and take your 75 000 euros.

It’s not about speculating and risk your life’s economy in tricky and weirdo investment, NO. I’m talking about a serious, profitable and a SAFE investment.

Just look at this excel’s sheet :

juicy stats

Let me present you JuicyFields

Juicy fields screen presentation

It’s a website where you can legaly buy cannabis plants !

The cannabis is actually about the most profitable market in the world, with the best potential of growth ! He is in expansion & legalization in the entire world.

I warn you right now :

YES, it’s 100% legal.

→ This is therapeutic cannabis, managed by a company based in Germany.

NO, it’s not a SCAM. [Admin : We highly doubt that]

→ The company existe for more than 2 years, the founders are known, active, give regular press conferences, and the team is active on all networks, in particular Telegram, where you can join the French channel by clicking on this LINK (you can speak and ask questions to community members, and moderators if you have technical / tax / legal questions).

There is also the English channel, much more numerous and active: on this link

NO, this is neither PONZI nor MLM. [Admin : Madoff ran its business for 17 years. a ponzi scheme can be long]

→ Why ? Already, the affiliate / sponsorship program is not open to everyone, you have to request accreditation from moderators. In addition, the commissions are very low: 5%. The economic model is therefore not based on recruiting newcomers to pay the interest of the old ones. There is no need for such a setup, because cannabis is one of the most profitable assets in the world.

YES, even with a small budget you can invest.

→ A plant costs 50 euros. So you can invest from 50 euros. Remember, there is an average of 50% profitability over a period of exactly 109 days (Day 1: Buy ------> Day 109: Sell the crop). It’s still 109 days, it doesn’t change.

NO, you have NOTHING to manage.

→ You don’t have to become Pablo Escobar or El chapo, you have no direct contact with the plantations, nor the producers, nor the buyers. All you have to do is go to the Juicyfield site, buy your plants, wait 109 days, and hit the “Sell Crop” button.

YES, you can PAY your plants and / or RECEIVE your payments in CRYPTOS.

→ Or in euros, it’s up to you.

Why am I presenting this opportunity to you if I have nothing to gain?

Well actually, I have to win. 5% commission is not a lot, but if you take 10,000 euros worth of plants, well, that’s always worth it. Money is money.

If this adventure tempts you, do not hesitate to go through my affiliate link: [JuicyFields]

I made a little 2 minute video where I’m showing myself selling my plants:

Also, I invite you to join the French Telegram group

And the English-speaking group as well

To better understand and go further, I invite you to watch this youtube channel from a colleague, who explains Juicyfields in more detail : Juicy Fields #1 | Comment investir dans le cannabis thérapeutique ! :seedling: - YouTube

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.


PS :

I share with you a disclaimer

Juicyfields remains an investment like any other, and you know that the “risk zero” doesn’t exist.

I invite you, for Juicyfields, and for any investment, to always do your own research in order to form an objective opinion.

I am not omniscient, and even when you think that a system or a company is “safe” it can still be a scam. I don’t think that’s the case for Juicyfields. I invest my own money in it, and some of my friends invest tens of thousands of euros in it. Everyone should be aware of the risks they are taking. Again, I invite you to do your own research.

To prove the seriousness of this matter to you, let me share some links with you:

First, the GreenPaper: https://juicyfields.io/files/greenpaper.pdf

→ This is roughly the summary of the entire juicyfield ecosystem, this is an 18-page PDF. I invite you to consult it to understand how Juicyfields works, who is the founding team, etc …

Second, I share with you a short introduction to the company director, with company phone number and registration number: Impressum

Thirdly, a third link, where you will find a more detailed description of the juicyfields team, as well as the physical stores which are located in several countries: Contacts

Regarding “systemic risks”, that is, the risks associated with the business itself, I invite you to watch this video, from 3:14: Juicy Fields #1 | Comment investir dans le cannabis thérapeutique ! :seedling: - YouTube

I think I talked around all the possible risks, and possibly cleared up some gray areas. Also, don’t forget that there are official Telegram groups, where you can ask all your questions.

Again, if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.



I added some notes to your post.

You are too confident is what is a VERY SKETCHY “Investment product”

Any “investment product” advertising double digit a month is almost certainly a ponzi scheme.

But after some discussion with the team we decided to let it slide. Because as risky as they are ponzi can be worthwhile : But you have to know it is a casino and dices are not exacly pipped in your favor.

(This is not investment advice.)


Hello Guillem :slight_smile: !

Thanks for your warning, it’s important for all people on DBL to see differents points of view.

The risk zero doesn’t exist. For any investment.

I understand that we can think it’s a ponzi, when we see the ROI it offers.

But if I can defend my point of view, which is it’s not a ponzi, here my arguments :

→ The Cannabis, by nature, is very profitable. We are talking about drugs ! It naturally offer highly profitability. We’re not talking about real estate or some stocks actions.

→ The Ponzi Scheme want the investors brings others investors, offering very high commission. JuicyFields doesn’t want that : The affiliation program is not open to everyone (you have to contact in MP the moderator, it demand a whole process), and the amount of the commission is very small : 5%. I think it prove the system doesn’t want to attract a lot of people (which is the heart of the ponzi system we can saw).

By the way, I invite all people to always do their own research on any investment, it’s very important.

Thanks bro


No the Ponzi Scheme isn’t based on investors bringing other investors but when the incoming investors pay the outgoing investors.

For exemple Checoin was an assumed Ponzi, there is no commission system (Checoin was fun and I did a lot of money btw).

Please don’t bring your own definition of ponzi to defend a possible scam.

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Thanks for your reminder.

In general, the best way to bring new investors, is to offer big commissions for investors :slight_smile: ! But you’re right.

Checoin is a meme-coin, it’s a very different thing :smiley: .

You all, I understand your objections.

I exposed all my arguments, now people have some different point of view here to make their own decision :slight_smile:

Of course, the “risk-zero” doesn’t exist, and I invite all people to do their own research on any investments !

I don’t deny the possibility of this investment to be a Ponzi, but I didn’t found proofs of that !


I can say one thing in favor of JuicyFields :slightly_smiling_face:

JuicyFields is still unknown comparatively to similar suspect investment product like AI Marketing. So you can still take this advantage to do a back and forth.

This is not investment advice, do your own research.

Personally I won’t place any fund on it :

  1. because my current cash/investement ratio is really low. I recently invest a lot in others business
  2. the risk/gain ratio doesn’t goes well with my 2022 financial strategy

PS: AI marketing is currently in a bad situation, they are freezing fund exactly like Bitconnect in 2017