Let's talk about ethics and code of honor

Hi guys!

As you may have noticed we’re going to talk a little bit about ethics in this post. Because I find myself in a special situation.

So here it is, everything starts about a year and a half ago (March 2019) when I meet this little girl through what was my best friend (you’ll soon understand). So we were talking quietly and then the situation degenerated, my best friend then in a couple, broke the nose in the relationship and he wanted to hit her, made me look like the basic asshole etc etc … In short, it was a big mess, so I decided to cut the bridges with this guy and the girl. (I make it short xD )

A year and a half later (so November 2020) I decide to go talk to this little girl again (because she has a nice little ass anyway and apart from that she remains very interesting, so I’m going to talk to her again on insta etc etc… And then I learn that she’s in a couple, well, I tell myself that it’s not because there’s a goalkeeper that you can’t score a goal etc … I see that she’s more mature than before etc etc … so I decide to accept to talk to her again by asking my conditions and by making her understand that I wasn’t there to be the best friend to whom you tell your shit. Once it’s done, we keep on talking about it, over the weeks we take more and more often on the phone etc. (we live 1 hour away from each other) and we start to get closer and … to my surprise … the little one becomes addicted, every time I start to say that I’m going to hang up she says « no, stay, I like to be with you » and blah and blah and blah. Anyway, it smells good (and I learned that since college she loves sex and that if she didn’t touch herself 5 times a day it wasn’t okay, anyway … )

So, at the moment, we’re here, she’s with her boyfriend, she’s faithful to him, but she’s not happy with him, she made me understand several times that she felt good when she was talking to me, that she really felt herself, we talk about ass, I manage to excite her just like that … So I tell myself that it’s good.


That’s where the ethical question comes in… She has a boyfriend, she’s not good with him, she changes my name on snap to talk to me when she’s with him … so I tell myself good … what to do, do I go on and so fatally they’ll leave each other (probably because of me) and she’ll be mine (but ethically), it’s average)/ Or I decide to tell her that ethically speaking I can’t because she has a boyfriend and either she assumes to talk to me, or we don’t talk anymore … (which is ethically cleaner but very radical) and moreover it would avoid her to look like a slut.

Because after thinking about it, the fact that she’s doing all this for me, it makes her technically a slut (the kind of girl who changes a buddy’s name to talk to him when she’s with her boyfriend).

That’s why I’m here to get your opinions because it’s a boring situation… I only have 2 solutions and they are rather radical…

everything you said before « BUT… » is pretty useless, this makes your post longer than it needs to and i regret reading it.

Well you have a choice to be ethical or not, is being ethical important to you ? if so, be ethically clean, otherwise do what you want, just be clear on who you want to be so you don’t regret afterwards.

You already know she will do the same with another one if eventually you end up together. So what’s the point? Don’t overthink about it. Screw her (just sex, nothing else), or leave her.

Oh sorry, it was mostly to set the context.

that’s what I told myself too…

In fact, in retrospect I tell myself that whatever happens she will leave him, and whatever happens it will be because of me, because she has become so addicted that she prefers to talk to me than to be with him … So no matter what I’m going to do afterwards (sex, couple or other) even if it makes you look like a bastard, you might as well go on like that and put ethics aside…

As uncle tugan would say, being a son of a bitch, certainly, but an honest son of a bitch …

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@Scar_G1 is right, stop the « but ».

In my opinion (do what you want anyway) : good and evil are real, ethics and moral are a hypnotic jutsu used by our ennemies (LGBTfqekrbk±*/;, islamics zombies, lefters, etc…) .

Ask yourself the rights questions : are you a soybean-man? do you truly love yourself ? do you realy want to fuck her ? are you scared by violents death brawls for her fucking ass ? Is all this shit story good for me / what is in it for you / is it all worth it ?

This type of introspections, that is good. Go directly at the usefuls points without bends please because you aren’t juste a male : you are a member of DBL. So, stop that immediatly be brave like the erections this femele gives you please. i said that for your sake and helping « the little one ».

Sorry for the repetition but is my mindway, follow your heart.

May the passion guide you.