Les Citées Privées Libres : Réflexions et échanges sur le futur de la communauté DBL

Bonjour à tous,

Je souhaite partager avec la communauté DBL une découverte récente.

C’est le livre de Titus Gebel, Cités Privées Libres.

En voici un résumé réalisé par Olivier Roland sur Youtube qui est clair et organisé :

Regarder la vidéo ici.
:warning: Durée 1 heure 15 minutes - Pour ceux souhaitant y accorder du temps.

Merci de partager votre avis, vos pistes de réflexions sur ce vaste sujet, qui pourrait s’avérer intéressant au sein de la communauté DBL.




The wealthy and the brains are already gathering in cities like Hong Kong, Monaco, Paris, Los Angeles, Singapore, Dubai, New York, San Francisco.

They also don’t hesitate to pay 10 times the price per square meter to be in safe areas and with people from their social background. They also do not hesitate to leave their hometown or their country to benefit from tax advantages, security as well as a comfort of life according to their tastes. One of the major trends of the 21st century is expatriation for a better life.

Another big trend is the widening gap between the rich part of the population and the poor part, a middle class in between which tends to lose more than gain over the years.

The transition to a global market economy where anything can be sold and anything can be bought is underway, even the currency bastion of people of power is no longer a state monopoly thanks to cryptocurrencies. To avoid the imminent chaos and the rupture of our models of society that will lead to monetary disruption, the libertarians will create new havens far from corrupt and far too complex government systems.


Free private cities are the perfect transition to a privatized, globalized world where the inequalities between rich and poor will offer hope and competition. A competition represented in this concept of City-State where the way of life will be a product and we will be their builders or customers. Total competition where the rich can create and the poor hope to win to the lotto aka crypto-assets games or hope to buy the next x1000 token.

A few past city-states such as Athens, Rome, Carthage, Venice, or even those of today Monaco, Singapore, Hong Kong have participated in the creation of the highest degrees of civilization.

DBL is part of a pioneering movement for people to come together according to criteria of values, power and vision. The pooling of capital to own a part of quasi-state power and live in a territory governable by the citizens will be the norm. 40,000 people investing 250,000 will have a budget of 10 billion to create the foundation for a resplendent new city-state. I think that 20 years from now with the massive arrival of cryptocurrencies among populations, raising $ 10 billion for a project designed by the brightest minds in the world will be quite possible. With innovations almost ready to facilitate transport, construction, land terra formation, but also an affordable workforce that will still be easily accessible for decades, the new Silk Roads will allow city construction in record time. . (see the cities copied pasted in China on youtube, then the lose control musical clip)

A Chinese copy and paste a French village without difficulty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_pLqZHtyOI

China: CITIES COPY PASTE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8e5Tve9-ueM

Lose control https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3P2USPFDcE

Imagine my brothers each with his castle, on his land, such is the power.

Ultimately these cities or city-states will be comparable to the Venice of the time, where visionary and powerful people from all over the world will come together to build and invent the future of our civilization.

My highest goal is to someday create or co-create a city state, and I plan to do so within the DBL community. We will have the power sooner than you think.

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