Leonard_G4 - 18 Years Old - Finance Student

Leonard_G4 - 18 Years Old - Student in Finance

Hi everyone, I am an 18 year old studying Commerce and more specifically Finance, I live in Canada, Montreal.

I’m French and I have been living in Canada for 12 years, I speak French and English.

I love playing Hockey and making money, I currently have nearly 70k CAD$ invested in different places and I primarily joined this group for the satoshi channel, but I also have interest in other offers.

I plan to finish my university degrees before going anywhere, as you know Canada was built on Multiculturalism so it is not in a state as bad as France, but I think in the future I will immigrate to Korea or a place like this.

My goal by joining this community is to help others into making more money (As a guy working in Finance it is my primarily focus), it is what I’m the best at and I hope that this community will help me fix what I lack to be a better version of myself.

As I lived in Canada for 12 years I could give some insights on how life is here to the DBL community but I hope that my knowledge in crypto-currency (Mining and trading) could be very useful here.

Short-term goals:

  1. Graduate from a prestigious university (Personal Challenge)
  2. Continue developing my alternative income sources (Crypto Mining and other investments)
  3. Learn about other cultures to choose which one I prefer to immigrate to in the future.

Long-term goals:

  1. Expatriation to Korea
  2. Be fluent in Korean
  3. Get to a net worth of 2.5 millions CAD$ (Enough to get to my personal Financial Independence)
  4. Learn more and more about Investment and the Financial Domain to become someone that matters.

Thank you for taking the time to read me and I hope to talk to you soon,



Welcome here Léonard !

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Thanks !


Welcome here Leonard!