LeoDesign (RoG-G4) Diary ! The best diary

Hello DBL world !!

This is my personnal diary !

I have some buisness and they works :

  • I work on my affiliation web sites ! 0€
  • I have a buy too sell very good buisness ! 3k/month
  • I have a Ebay shop (200€/ month but… ok)
  • And now im so exiting by crypto ! 11billion CHECOIN !! et 7 moonboyz !!!
  • And i want too grow up poker game ! but i dont have lot of time for it…

Goal : Make 10k/ month !!! in 1 years ! I create this topic only to motivated me, cause of social pressure lol

My goals this month: (31 october)

  • Get up at 7am every morning!
  • To be organized ! that is to say morning ritual, crypto info and work!
  • After launch & work!
  • Finish 100% my 2 affiliate website ! Like perfect !
  • Make 500€ with my ebay shop (very possible but i need kick my partner in the ass)
  • Send message every day here! In order not to downgrade in my progress!

Goal this week: 10 october !

  • Getting up at 8 a.m. every morning from October 7 (it’s really complicated for me!)
  • Make a perfect morning routine !
  • Make more money ! lol… so i need too
    • Make perfect buy & sell shop !
    • Finish one article one my 2 web sites ! & finish infographie & texte on the second web site
    • Make good way for Ebay shop with my partner

Do you live with another person? Why so late?


Yes I gonna try to wake up earlier and earlier but it’s difficult for me ! :slight_smile:

Yes but for is very difficule… Its my first objectif ! Tomorrow my objectif is 8am ! I need to weak up DIRECTLY !! :stuck_out_tongue:

So today i have make some money… news about MoonBoyz sooo exciting

Objectif for tomorrow : Call with my partner about ebay shop & Only manage my buy&sell buisness…

Cause my girlfriend is here ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Objectif 50% done for today…

My pc have some issu so I have backup all my important files

The reset is for tomorrow… Need new pc ! (the real question, new pc or more crypto ? :stuck_out_tongue: )

My objectif tomorrow : Wake up 8am Exercice done 8h30 Work start directly 9am !

My girl friend still here I finish my working journey at 1h-2h pm

I need too work on my buy&sell shop + eBay shop + find contact for infographie on affiliation Web site I need too reset my pc before


Today reset is done… proper reset with total clean DD & new windows iso (for 0% of hacking… ok 0.1% of bios hack ? :o) My project of 8am exercice fail… so tomorrow i do it


So tomorrow… need absolutly to find other think to buy… my shop is one buy one sell buy very good benefices I have only 150 to invest in… but i need to invest it & I need to sell my other things i have buy before (leboncoin !:p) so i need to optimise annonces

I wake up 8 am

I gonna make another article on one affiliation web site & order another to 5euros.com

My fucking associate of ebay shop do not answer…

I gonna try to hack wifi of neighbor… lol


Yeah i have invest my 150€

130€ to 600€ conversion ! very good buy

Weak up is a little late today… Tomorrow i need to weak up very directly !! Objectif work at 9pm for real !!

Tomorrow : objectif full optimisation of buy&sell annonces


Today this is good but i have fail wake up again…

Tomorrow need absolutly wake up 8am !!! WORK AT 9am !!!


Hey Leo,

Posting a daily diary on the forum is very bold, and we appreciate that. It shows us your determination to get the job done.

But let’s be fair: your english sucks.

That’s why I highly recommend you to use DeepL in order to write properly on your diary.

  • You will improve your skills in english
  • More people will read your diary, since it’s more understandable than before

I hope you’ll do it in the future, it’s a really good starting point to improve your english.

Have a nice day.



Ok i gonna do that


Ok so today I made some money (350€) Not huge but it allows me to reinvest! +200€ but not in cash so I invest it in crypto… or to pay my rent lol (700€ 17m team paris! x) ) So tomorrow I have to spend these 300€ left… I don’t know if I will be able to do it because I’m invited to an all day event

I still couldn’t wake up at 8am… This is a very big defeat for me… but tonight I’m in bed at midnight 30… I’m motivated!


Here I am again!

I went a little further yesterday I couldn’t invest my 300€, I still have 200€ to invest this weekend Big night last night… I was absolutely knocked out and couldn’t really work today BUT I was hired as a community manager at MOONBOYZ ! Yeah !!! :stuck_out_tongue: I organize the events on the discord server and maybe some other stuff too :slight_smile:

Small exclusive for DBL, tomorrow night minecraft event for moonboyz members (it’s the commu who voted for the type of event so we’re on gaming)

Anyway, tomorrow goal is to get up at 8am, I think I can do it easily, I slept all day

See you tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Today, I wake up very late… but I am tired… I’m going to bed soon.

So my goal for tomorrow: wake up at 7:45am, and work as much as possible at 9am!

I’ve never been able to achieve this goal… waking up is so hard…

I have a list of tasks I need to do tomorrow… so I’m busy ^^

Good night, DBL POWER!

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Today i have invest all my money

I woke up at 8am yeah! Only 5 minutes late… I started work at 9:30… Need more organisation for morning ritual

Objective tomorrow I get up at 9am (I had a little accident I need someil) and wake up directly ! Work at 10am !

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Today, nothing unusual or usual x) I got up early despite my fatigue, and it’s cool

My goal this week is to have an organized routine at home, to have a viable work environment! (I’m ultra maniac so nothing is out of place… not a dusting etc… I want to keep it that way all the time!) And work more To be more efficient in my work!

My affiliate sites are starting to be seen (10 visitors per day) so tomorrow I need to add affiliate links to start making sales! And I have to finish the 2 sites! (tomorrow my goal is to finish the 1st one)

Tomorrow I also have to post the 3-4 items I bought for resale! 2 days late… not cool

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Today i have fail all… wake up very late… And do nothing cause i help my family But its ok

Tomorrow wake up at 8pm ! And work

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Need to finish affilation website tomorow I have another wordpress to do

Wake up at 8pm !!! realy


Today I have fully optimized my buy&sell ads and work on affiliation Web site I would like to finish my affiliate sites this weekend but I don’t know if I can because I’m with my girlfriend I’m still going to work in the morning

Big decision, I’m going to watch my movies in English to improve my English ! (I used to watch one a night but not since the moonboyz because every night I learn a lot about crypto in the vocals)

Wake up at 8pm tomorrow


I still haven’t managed to wake up at 8am… but I will tomorrow! I’m a little bit sick so I’m going to bed here! Today I went forward on a site that I was asked to do

I will work on it tomorrow And add a new article on my main affiliate site

At 23h i have a field to form for an NFT very important ! Possible go to 2eth or more


Today I made quite a bit of progress on the site I was ordered to work on (I don’t make any money from it but it’s for a friend) and he needs it quickly

Tomorrow no more excuse my girlfriend is not here anymore. So I’m working hard

I set my alarm clock for 8am tomorrow morning… Pogg made me understand that I was a big shit for not waking up at 8am

I set my alarm for 7:30 tomorrow

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Today im wake up at 7:30 ! :stuck_out_tongue: I have work but not enough

Tomorrow I get up at the same time even if it’s late… I will make myself a routine of hard work

tomorrow I’m going to make a list of things I need to do rated out of 10 and write them down every day to get to 10 every day…

The themes will be

Wake up in the morning

Morning routine


Tidy up my house

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