Learning Serbo-Croatian

Hi guys,

I’m planing on visiting several eastern countries from 10th March including Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia (and then Bulgaria and Ukraine) in order to choose a place to live in by June 2021.

As a mark of respect for the local people, I would like to learn the basic stuff in Serbo-Croatian* but it is pretty difficult to find nice content on the internet about this very particular language (see my explanation below to understand the issue). The idea is to be able to have a small conversation with the locals.

For now, I only bought a 3 hours Udemy course (13 euros, if you’re interested in it, I’ll give you my opinion about it) but, for instance, there is no Babbel neither Duolingo Serbo-Croatian course…

Did anyone of you already learn this language yet? Do you have some advices for learning such a (relatively) rare language? I used to learn Portuguese and Italian in the past, which is pretty easy as there is a lot of content and a huge community willing to learn them on the internet, but it seems that it will be much trickier this time…

Also, do you know how good is Serbian and Croatian people’s English level? I have already been told that Montenegrin people speak good English.

In the future, I’ll consider hiring a particular teacher but as I don’t even know if I’ll live in one of those countries, I prefer to stick to basic and inexpensive methods…

Thanks in advance for reading !

*In case you don’t know, there’s a huge debate in ex-Yugoslavia countries about whether Serbian and Croatian are different languages or not. They basically have the same vocabulary, but there are a few grammatical variations among the two languages. And obviously, it’s not an objective debate as it implies nationalist considerations from both Serbians and Croatians. A noticeable fact: Croatians write with the Latin alphabet whereas Serbians use the Cyrillic one. Serbo-Croatian is spoken in Bosnia and Montenegro as well. 21 million people speak this language.



Maybe you have some ideas for our friend

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Yes bro. Here you have a link to begin slowly

And for online serbian course, I have a personal teacher, a girl from Serbia to advice you. She’s speak french.

Duly noted, thanks. I’ll start with the basics first.

I’ll land to Zagreb on 10th March and I think I’ll be in Montenegro by the 25th/30th. Then, I’ll go to Serbia for one or two weeks. I guess I’ll learn a bit of Serbian/Croatian by then!

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