Learn to speak with others


i write my first subject here to suggest an idea.

My bigger work on myself is about the communication with people. I’m lonely and i have big difficulties to speak with strangers about interesting things. I work in commerce and i already learn to speak of useless subjects less stress (it was already a challenge few years ago). I have difficulties to organise my thoughts, that why i like to be on a forum to write with time for that.

I think i’m not the only. What about a group for trying to be better and train together? Before in french to not have the language fence, and may be directed by somebody competant?


I think it’s a good idea.


How do you work in commerce i.e. sales if you have this difficulty?

I can advise you a classic book to study: How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

It helped me long ago.


Because you don’t need to be a good seller to work in a self service shop.

Thank you for the book, i’ll see it later.

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Hi Frank, I think can help you, come on telegram, my name: @MaxG2RX

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