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Hi bros,

I need your help to build my business. I want to adapt the concepts of Lean Management to the online business. I work with the Lean since several years but I don’t have any skills in online business.

The Lean Management is a way to develop quality and organisation in your work. It function like a toolbox with different tools we can use to improve your work. The Lean start in manufacturing, but now we can find the Lean in other universes like fore example hospitals, administration, offices, etc…

Some tools of the Lean are concentrated on “damage control”, others takes place in organisation or customer satisfaction. We have a lot of possibilities.

To give you concrete example : Frog Tech is a tool Lean-thinked because you can create your selling page easily in less time with better quality than the others softwares. Also you create selling page with just 1 click for the customer. The customers don’t lost time and it’s easy for them to find and to buy the product. To conclude you make more money with FrogTech.

I need 2 things :

  1. Your experience in all type of Online Business (Dropshipping, Copywrighting, SEO, etc…) :
  • the problems you meet (software, organisation, time lost, money lost, cost, etc…)

  • the solutions you found about those problems > if the problem is totally resolved or not

  • your reflexions about how to improve your business.

With your answers I will can create a better product for the community because I will see what are the frequency of the issues and determinate what is the priorities.

  1. 5 to 10 Beta-Tester in different type of business.
  • I need some Beta-tester to organise call and meetings on the next weeks

  • Determinate what is your problems and find a solution with you to improve your business

  • Propose different tools to improve quality and organisation of your business

What I propose for the Beta-testers :

  • Analysis of your process with VSM (Value Stream Mapping tool)

  • “Muda” hunt : I will help you to find waste part in your process (no-quality, overproduction, time lost, …)

  • Help you to define the root cause of the problems (5 why method)

  • “5S” : help you to arrange your creation tools

  • Standardization of your process to earn time and quality

  • Control test creation

  • Explanation on what is quality, “Kaizen” (continuous improvement), impact of visual perception, customer satisfaction, Lean design, …

Of course the Beta-Testers don’t need to pay me :slight_smile:

At least I hope to create a product adapted to each one in the community.

And remember, the improvement is endless.


Hi Alex,
Interesting topic.
Maybe you should add a part with all the benefits you get as a beta tester?

There is already a lot of tools on this market (trello, jira, targetprocess and so on), good luck :slight_smile:
Have a productive day.


Hi Simon,

Thank you for your comment, I updated my post.

I will go to see what is the tools you mentionned.

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Hi bros,

You can ask me some questions if you don’t understand what is Lean and what are the benefits of the Lean vision. Only 1 guy contact me for the Beta-test.

You can contact me on Telegram at Alexandre_G4.