Lantoine_G5 ex sommelier

Hello, my name is Antoine, I am 33 years old, I have been an ex sommelier since I was 20 years old before I was only a waiter.

My job is dying since the covid. So I do the various jobs in interim. I recently became interested in crypto money. That’s why I joined DBL to seriously learn crypto. I think that by being surrounded by a reliable person, I could surpass myself and in the long term find collaborators for the investments. I wish to leave France for Bulgaria. Something that I would do as soon as I speak English and that crypto allows me to have at least a minimum wage.

Thank you for your time .


Welcome brother Maybe we can meet in the futur and you’ll learn me how to appreciate wine.

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Yes of course with pleasure bro. But not before being in the eastern countries


Hey man, Been working in the wine industry fore a couple of years before deciding to switch to copywriting. Welcome here!

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Did you already spot a country ?