Just arrived in Varna/Bulgaria

Hello guys !

How are your businesses going ?

Two days ago, I landed in Varna in the extrême east of Bulgaria.

Right now, I’m in Hotel near Golden Sands, I haven’t visited the city a lot yet, because I got a lot of work to do, I’m preparing a big funnel launch for the next days.


I have a few questions for the DBL Expats in Bulgaria, mainly in Sofia I guess:

How did you find a decent/calm apartment ? Did you work with an agency ?

I have found a really good one located in CHAIKA near Varna, but the agent is telling me some weird stuff.

Like in the contract, the rent price is indicated as 350€ without VAT, then I’m asking him why do I have to pay a VAT for a rent ? (because in France and Belgium it doesn’t work like that)

And he tell’s me that if I pay in cash, I don’t have to pay the VAT, but if it’s done with bank transfer I have to.

What do you think about that ?

Here’s their website : luximmo.com

I would also appreciate how much do you pay monthly for your expenses such as Water/Gas/electricity and WiFi.

Thanks for you time !

Hope to meet you soon !



Hi Darius I’m gonna spend a week in a hotel in the Golden Sands (meliá Grand hermitage hotel).

We could meet in a bar near the sea and I will answer your questions.

Let me know if interested. My Bulgarian phone number is 08 87 51 57 55

imot.bg is usually better than luximmo


I have found my appartement on imot.bg, with no agent, but I do speak some bulgarian and know the real estate in Bulgaria. In Sofia, it’s very likely you will have to pay agent fees… and these agent might not be very honest (like everywhere in the world when they see rich foreigners). It’s a bad sign if the appartement is still free 7 days after your visit, good opportunity usually only last a few days on the market.

I don’t know about VAT, but I do know that’s it’s very common to pay rent in cash in Bulgaria. That way, the landlord won’t leave any written proof the appartement has been rented… so it’s easier for him not to pay all taxes.

Water : a few euros. Gas : really, gas in bulgaria ? You mean toplofikatsia ? (central heating). I would say it depends on the appartement, and on how high you set the heater. Electricity : depends how you heat your place. And how you light your place. It’s cheaper than in France. But the bill might of course be high if you heat your place with electricity.

Hope that helps.


Hi guys,

I’m coming to visit Varna from September 1st to 5th in order to expatriate by October and I would like to meet you and others DBL members to talk about business, life in Bulgaria etc.

This is my Telegram here @adwhyte so we can organize a restaurant or a drink in a bar. :slight_smile:


Are you in the group of the bulgarian section ?

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I would like to join the group too. I’ll arrive in Sofia this week for live few months. I asked for some information on the DBL shop section but I don’t get an answer yet. See you soon

My TG : tonioooooh


Not yet.


Hello guys,

I’m arrived in Varna, I stay here until Sunday !

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