Julius_G4 - 24 - Software Engineer

Hello everyone :facepunch:

I’m Julius, a new comer of the 4th wave. I’m 24, working as a Software Engineer in Switzerland, in the Fintech industry. I have a beautiful Russian girlfriend, who is pregnant.

We are both very happy, and a bright future is coming. Nonetheless, I want to provide the best quality of life for my family, and develop myself and my multiples side projects.

I am the perfect mixture of a tech geek, always up to date with the latest tech advancements in crypto, and an athletic gentlemen. With a lot of modesty. :pinching_hand:

Why coming to DBL ? I came to DBL to bring my projects in crypto, and related technologies, to fruition. To collaborate with quality people and self improve, and giving in return my very precious tech skills.

My short and long terms are the same. I want to launch a powerful crypto-currency, and some cool technologies bind to it. 2020 and the years following are the years of decentralized finance, and the bus is not going to wait for us.

Cheers! Julius_G4


Welcome Julius!

Congratulations :slightly_smiling_face:

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U must have a good taste ahaha.

Congrats bro.

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