Jules - Copywriting & Eurasia

Hey bros !

Today is great day and in a few seconds you’ll discover why… But before going any further, let me quickly introduce myself :

From slave in Frankistan to nomad copywriter

My name is Jules, I am 24 (almost 25) years old. Most of you guys know me as a copywriter. I work for our supreme leader Jean-Marie and for the great Tugan.

:desktop_computer: You may have already seen me in the liveshow #29 and #37 of season 1 of DBL or in the liveshow in French of February 21, 2020.

10 months ago I was working as a slave in a Bonduelle factory in France.

And on september 2020, i ran away from Frankistan to live a better life. First, I went to Latvia, which was a very interesting (but a bit disapointing) experience. I spent 5 months there. Then I moved to Bulgaria where I met a lot of guys from the bulgarian DBL section. I spent a bit more than a month with them.

And tomorrow, I will fly to Bali to live there for a while.

And when I saw the channels of OlivierG2 and ValentinRMS i thought it would be a great idea to do the same.

Why ? Because I have a specific vision to share. And because my lifestyle in Asia, Russia (and sometimes eastern Europe) could motivate you to move your ass and work for your freedom.

So today, i decided to create my own Telegram Channel

On my Telegram Channel I’ll talk about :

  • :earth_asia: Travel/expatriation (mainly in Russia & Asia)
  • :money_with_wings: Business
  • :pen: Copywriting tips

And also to slap the face of those who forgot they had balls :ok_hand:

Here’s the channel (in french) :

(Topic created with the permission of @SilvioBerluscunni)


Inspirational thread. Happy to have joined your channel just now Jules.