Joffrey - 28 - Software Engineer

Hi fellow brothers!

I’m Joffrey, single 28yo French Software Engineer.

Mainly working as a Web Developer but I’m working with an associate to build a dry fruits and nuts shop. As borders are closed by now, it’s a bit tough… As we can’t check products on the field for the moment.

While waiting, we mainly find through advertising and cold calls customers that we sell to other companies. I take care of the IT architecture of this system among other things.

I did arrive here because I’m following JM for a long time! Actually since 2016! At first, I was surprised by his speech… To be honest, I was almost fully corrupted self-righteousness doxa. Also thanks to a friend of mine whom recommend me to travel a bit alone to open my eyes. Also, I bought his programs. Quick and straight to the point.

I’ve subscribed to DBL for a long time but didn’t connect to the forum. It used to be the SW forum. You would ask: why subscribe if you don’t use it? Because I’m following the Dwarf King for a long time and wanted to support his message. Anyway.

I was in France for the last year and prepared to leave but the covid arrived… Thanks to this shitty virus, I’ve met my associate who had been stuck in France too.

Short term goals:

  1. Quit this communist country before August
  2. Start building a SaaS / software on the side

Long term goals:

  1. Build a farm to grow my own food surrounded by like-minded people. People who want to build their own thing (on internet or IRL), be free to say and do what they think.
  2. Have a nice wife and 2 kids.

About my future location, I don’t exactly know by now. I’m quite attracted by Asia (especially Thailand). I wanted to test different countries and see which one is the best. From a lifestyle and tax perspective. As my business is settled outside Europe, that’s important to me.

Except that, I can also bring to the community:

  • From a tax perspective like settle a company outside Europe
  • Web development or other technical issues

Have a nice day brothers.


Welcome inside the escape of the comunism

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