Joe_G3 | 23 y.o. | student bored of school


My name is Joseph, and my nickname is Joe (pronunciation: [DJO])

As my previous introduction was in French and incomplete, I decided to update my profile (in English).

  • My academic career:

In 2016 I attended classe préparatoire Sainte Genevieve in MPSI (maths, physics, engineering sciences), as known as the Top School in Maths and Physics in France, in which I attended the IT option (option info), which is the most selective studies in the sector: Classement prépas Maths spé MP/MP* (maths physique) - Classement prépa scientifique 2021 - effectif de plus de 15 élèves

This is to show you that I learn things fast and can accomplish hard things is necessary.

However, I realized shortly after I went there that this was not the ideal subjects for me (I preferred studying Geopolitics than Physics), so I enrolled a classe préparatoire ECS to enroll a business school. But then I failed the selective exams and had the choice either to pay 50k€ to enroll a middle ranged business school, or to quit.

So I decided to quit, and guess what, I do not regret my choice. Really, I feel so much for my classroom mates that have spent 50k€ to pay a school that remains closed due to the COVID19 pandemic. It just sucks.

  • My situation right now:

Right now I live with my father, who is bad-tempered and has a really REALLY damn slave mentality. For instance, he thinks books are useless, and he thinks having a girlfriend is a bad thing.

I skip the reasons, I lost every single hope to arrange things with him. I just think I should leave him alone and make my own decisions.

  • My plans and the reasons I joined DBL

I discovered JMCorda shortly after the G2 gates closed, thanks to an interview with Marketing Mania. I immediately clicked with the DBL “ideology”, and with all that has been said. Ambition and discipline has always been the most critical point in my life. I truly feel like making money and reaching power is the ultimate goal in my life. And having sex with women is THE vital way to “play hard” in order to keep up the “hard work” going.

This year, I intended to prepare an exam to become an actuary (in 3 years), but I really am no longer interested in studies. I simply feel that remaining in France with its slave mentality for 3 years is a waste of time. And it’s not for lack of trying.

When skipping chapters is not enough, one must plan to change the book.

So right now I’m seeking for an opportunity to emigrate and earn a decent amount of money. I heard about work opportunities in Bulgaria in a DBL live and in the Telegram Canal, however I did not find anything in the Bulgaria Section of the DBL Forum.

Let’s rock it together!


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