Jo, 24, developer

Hello brothers,

I’ m right now following a formation in development and I’m interested in new technologies, marketing and investment (I just joined the satoshi channel).

I’m also a huge fan of combat sports and practising MMA and BJJ.

I joined DBL because for some times I have been interested in financial independance and simply getting the f*ck out of the rat race. I have been following JM for a few years now and lately it triggered in me a sense of urgency of taking action right now.

My short term goals are to make a capital of skills (development, copywriting with Tugan formations) and money (investments with cryptos) and getting out of the situation I’m right now (rat race).

My long term goals are to be completly financialy independant and being able to bring real value to the community.

Hope I will be a good addition here :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome bro.

Take your first name as your pseudo please


Your username should be easy to pronounce and instil respect. Example: Oliver_G3


Thanks bro, fixed it.

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Hi @Jo_G, welcome here

Please remove your generation marker (G4)

G4 ended a few days ago. Right now, you’re not part of any generation. You’re not allowed to post anywhere except here. You’ll have to wait until the doors open to enter the 5th generation.

More info here

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@Alex_G1 thanks for your welcome brother.

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