Jerem_G4 - 32 yo - Dropshipping SEO/Ads

Hi DBL Community,

Let me please introduce myself. I’m Jeremy and I’m 32 years old. I’ve studied Foreign Language for International Business, then Management of sport organizations.

I am currently working on different dropshipping stores that I’ve made just after I’ve discovered Romain SEO. I was employed at that time, but I wanted to live my life differently. And that is what I found with online businesses. My main shop is working well, but it’s not enough and I got to shoot it up, these are my plans until the end of the year. I also decided to learn with Tugan to try to get better.

Later, I hope I can make enough money to start to invest into other projects as stock exchange, cryptocurrency and real estate.

I am now here with you guys to improve on a personal and professional level. I know there is a lot of work to do and nothing comes easy. But I know this is the best place I can be to be a better person and push my productivity and creativity to another level.

I don’t know all of you yet, but I’d like to think it is a place of mutual support, and the most important here is to know how to give before receive.

For the future, I’m really convinced that France is not the place to be anymore. I’m looking for a better location so I can live peacefully, with family and dogs… And as soon as I will be able to get out of here, I will be happy to share this brotherhood with you in person.

To talk about my skills, I’ve never been a “pro” person, I consider myself versatile and I like to discover and work on different things. Could be bad or wrong, it always depends on how you work, and what are your goals. I could help some of you guys if anyone need something with Spanish language, or a few information about Spain and Mexico (I travelled there so many times and I’ve got many friends).

So here I am, happy to be part of this great community.

Thank you for reading me.


Welcome Jeremy! :wave:

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Welcome ''l’ourson"

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