Jean-Yves - G4 - 35 yo - Computer science project manager

Hello dear members of the JMCorda community,

I am a french Information system engineer born in 1985. I am working since 2011 for administrations and big companies as business analyst and test manager.
I am also a writer and editor since 2011. My main subjects of research are politics, philosophy and social engineering. My next book will be a practical guide for french orthography.
I currently work as project manager for medical application softwares in a regional hospital.
I am married since 5 years.

My objective are:

  • in short-term, to know the members of the JMCorda community of my region (Lorraine) and my professional area ; and increase the sales of my books.
  • in a longer term, to prepare my expatriation in sane country close to the community (by keeping my job as executive employee or becoming business owner).

Thank you for reading and see you soon, I’ll be happy to be contacted.



Add G4 to your username please @Yves_G4

Welcome bro from Eastside France

Hello Jean-Yves!

That’s great to see you made your move and joined DBL. I’ll contact you later by private message :wink:

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