James 35 years old, Married 2 children


Entrepreneur, Bac +25 life experience. Option: sticks in the wheels. (typically French tradition) :slight_smile:

Currently, I have had to go back to a night job to feed my family because my businesses are too taxed to make a good living!

Love to learn, always on standby to better know and where to invest my marbles and to put my family in long term safety.

I am cataloged as a conspirator, survivalist and dictator, in short, in France we like huts.

My specialties and skills that I put at the service of DBL:

Auto body mechanic
Construction technician (except framework)
All driving licenses (in study the boat)
Head of nightclub bar
Permaculture (a win-win partnership with nature)
VRP B to B

I am self-taught on a lot of things, because you are never better served than by yourself (a cunning XD too), to this day it is difficult to find competent and stable people.

Courageous and hardworking, quiet strength. I like to digest information and take my short time I do not stick to the current society, at all right away!

Don’t be offended if I don’t answer right away, it’s normal.

Grosse Gueule is my nickname; I like to debate the subjects that I know is that you can hear!

I have to work on my discipline, I often get lost in distractions then Jean-marie Corda I have the impression of knowing him forever, he makes me laugh and we share the same vision of the world. Thanks to RNO and Sans Giorgio for this discovery.

DBL because of my presence, healthy excellence is a good credo.

I am at Père-Tugan under the advice of JM Corda and I take the time to analyze these indications and videos. Between family 2 children and night work. I apply with the time available to me.

I am aiming for a first step towards 100,000 € per month.

In short, work to do!

After that is; expatriation, where it is not yet defined. As a father, it seems obvious to me to have logical criteria: political stability, army, compatible culture, economy for entrepreneurs and dense vegetation.

Thank you DBL


Welcome James!

Please change your username to James_G4 :slightly_smiling_face:



Your username should be easy to pronounce and instil respect. Example: Oliver_G3

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@Alex_G1 OK :slight_smile:

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