Ivanov, 18, Video editing & Joining Bulgaria

Hi everyone,

I am Ivanov, Bulgarian, 18 years old. I am here to meet the DBL community , pick up new skills and of course contribute to the community.

Since I’m quite young, picking up new skills and work quickly is not a hard task for me , and I know to listen to the older and learn from their experience.

I am ready to learn and collaborate with the DBL and offer my video editing service.

Current Skills : Video Editing & Graphical Design ( 8+ Years ), Languages : Bulgarian, French and English Some experience in Hosting buisness and e-commerce (Shopify).

– Message to the local Bulgarian community : I am currently in France and returning to Bulgaria on July 22, and I would be more than happy to meet the local DBL community in Bulgaria.

Happy to be here,

With respect,



Alright young bulgarian friend !

Welcome to you