Israël expatriation, opinions on that?

Hello community,

:airplane: Like all of you, I am working on developing an online business in order to expatriate myself and leave our dear declining country.

:man_factory_worker: While I am in the phase of creating infoproduct (no income currently), I see a window of opportunity in the very short term to leave Marseille, the capital of the Maghreb.

Accompanied by Madam, Jewish and Israeli nationality, we wonder where to go.

For her, it is obviously Israel (especially to study medicine because the country allows it in terms of technology and infrastructure).

For me, the choice is more complicated. I have a few years more than her, the studies behind me and a job as an asset manager / banker.

I have 3 options:

  1. To try the experience in Israel, even if it means working a bit on the spot in finance and developing my online activities in parallel. :israel:

  2. Going to an Eastern European country with a low cost of living to benefit from « more time » to develop my online business. :bulgaria: :georgia:

  3. Live in a different country than her.

However, we have future plans together.

:woman: Moreover, she is a quality female as @Dr_Duracell mentioned in a post from « L’enclos à femelles ».

  • A female who has a purpose in life and who manages to move forward in her projects. I don’t like to go out with a social parasite who depends on me for everything.

  • A real one who knows how to support her partner without her life.

  • A woman who does not try to change her partner and force her to sacrifice her life (dating, hobbies).

  • A woman who respects my rhythms.

  • A woman who will remain feminine, the attractive roof of the long.

  • A woman who is an excellent lover and will remain one. Surprise yourself and Surprise him. Don’t keep your oral and anal ejaculations only with booty calls. Your boyfriend likes hardcore sex too.

Moreover, I very much appreciate that we have the same political views, that she wants to build a family, that she loves children and that she is also Russian. This could be a crazy opening on languages (Russian and Hebrew) and cultures for me.

:moneybag: I will have enough money to leave Frankistan with almost 20k€ in my pocket.

Do you have any feedback on expatriation experience in Israel? Would you have an opinion on the matter?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kiss, the powerful.


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Hey Anthony,

It really depends on what you want. Israel is a Jewish country and that will be in the center of your life during your stay there. If you are not Jewish, I do not see why you would go there. The only positive aspect of Israel I can think of is their relationship with guns - getting a firearm there should be easy. In Europe, it is more complicated (unless you live in Czechia, Slovakia or Switzerland). Israel is in the middle of the muslim world, and feels close to the United States, not to Eastern Europe. Not sure that is exactly what you want.

If your girlfriend is Russian, then that makes it easier for you to move to Russia or any country bordering it. If I was in your shoes, I’d definitely move there, or to another Slavic country (Central and Southern Europe are underrated). Perhaps you will get to meet people from DBL, as well.

Hoping this is useful,


Do not hesitate to contact me if one of those applies to you:

  • If you need help with something computer science-related
  • If you want to know more about the Czech Republic
  • If you need help with your English or want to proofread a document you wrote in English
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Hi @Antho_G2, I believe Israel :israel: could be a great expat choice, I have been thinking about it for some time now.

Israeli are auto sufficient and it’s a secure country now, despite all the countries surrounding this amazing land and all the ennemies Israel is facing.

Israeli men are « alpha warriors by nature » and extremely smart while Israeli women are gorgeous, fun and they know what they want from life. The military is present daily within the community.

If you plan to move there, it would require a better understanding of the culture and the country since it’s a place where no one is « waiting for you » unlike eastern european countries who are in need of smart business people to finance their economic growth :pirate_flag:

I believe you should travel to this country and stay in Israel for some time to make up your mind. This is clearly what Jean Marie recommends for any country you would like to settle in.

I have lived in Israel when I was a young child, and I hung out with the Jewish community in Paris and in other cities as well.

They will accept you if you are on their side regarding the conflict with Palestine, and if you appreciate they culture. I believe their history of being constantly persecuted for being successful financially resonates with me, so I had no difficulties being « accepted ». :blush:

Good luck, and please keep us posted on your decision, Russia could be tough as a first expatriation and I would suggest Bulgaria :bulgaria: (the Balkans) to start your journey.

Here it’s easy to find a place to stay, people are welcoming and we are building a strong DBL community looking for people with your skills and background (we are in Sofia, Bulgaria with OlivierG2, Romain and Louis if you need more info).

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I am jewish and have the Israeli nationality. I go there every once in a while and know that country quite well. So I’ll try to answer and inform you the best I can.

First I have open a very important topic:

Jews in France tend to false your perception of our people!

A lot of jewish people in France have a very specific attitude. You see it in the Media (Finkelkraut, BHL, Patrick Cohen, etc.). The reason is that the jewish community in France has so much power that some jews are used to abuse of that power. It’s like kids killing ants: If you can do it, why would you bother, right?

In the rest of the world, you’ll see less of that. Especially in Israel, where you’ll see more goodwilling domination from the jewish people.

Topic closed

Ok let’s talk about Israel.

Israel is a country of opportunities. A very nice place to make business. Plus, I won’t lie to you, it would be a great asset to have people from DBL there.

You won’t be treated as a goy. There are some morons, but most people don’t fucking care. A lot of goy came from Russia and they are so well treated, that the signalisation panels are now written also in russian. That’s because when they came in the country, they worked their ass off and showed very nice signs of integration. You’ll never hear a Russian complain about how he’s treated as a foreigner in Israel. Plus, who can tell if you’re jewish or not? And who will ask?

There’s another plus. You’ll find very quickly nice and healthy people. Jews are the people that hold more Nobel prices in the world. This country is filled with high potential intellectuals in every field (also finance, business, etc.).

Let’s see the bad part:

Israel has no culture. That’s one of the youngest countries in the world, created by people from all origins. The socio-cultural choc will be great. You’ll have to deal with very rude people. It’s gonna be challenging. You’ll need to apply the DBL philosophy every day and with a lot of efficiency (sex-tao is not an option if you want to survive one week in this country).

The level of alienation is huge

Yes there are a lot of massive genius. But the country is very bonded with the US. So you’ll see a lot of LGBTQ communist shitheads (Tel Aviv has the biggest gay pride in the world). Even if you will easily find nice people and create a nice environment for your family, you’ll still have to deal with this kind of dementia. Yet, the richer you are, the more you can protect your beloved ones from these people (private schools, nice neigbourhoods, etc.)

Still better than the US or anywhere in Western Europe though…

Your children will have to serve in the army

Which is not that bad in a way. This will teach them a lot. And I mean A LOT… If they survive :grimacing:.

So let’s sum it up:


  • You won’t be treated as a foreigner (we’re all foreigners in Israel)
  • You’ll easy find clever and healthy people to deal with (a fuckload of geniuses)
  • A lot of opportunities to make monney
  • Little bonuses : Very good and healthy food, nice weather, nice nature, legal prostitution.


  • Rude people everywhere
  • Presence of LGBTQ bolchevik alienation
  • Army for your kids
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2 more yes:

  • The LGBTQ anti-white leaders did a lot of antisemitic bullshit in the last years. So that may have made them smaller in Israel.

  • Almost everyone speaks english there. You won’t even have to learn hebrew

You should also consider the fact that there won’t be any DBL members in your area. If you go to Eastern Europe you will benefit from a lot of community privileges. And I’m talking about PRIVILEGES! :star_struck: :money_mouth_face:

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U better think about your duty if you become israeli:

U’ll have to be soldier for IDF, war and shit forget your sweet dreams…

Civil peace is a good feeling, it’s precious to me… You better think about that until you have to kill some Zbollah guyz or civilians.

Iranian threat.

Think twice.

You’re misinformed. He won’t have to. As I wrote, his kids will probably have to but a non-jewish 28 years old guy who immigrates in Israel to make money won’t have to do the army.

Well it could be good to verify what I just said. @Antho_G2, you should check the current politic on army related to immigrants. In the worse case scenario, you’ll have to wait to be 30 to go live in Israel. Before that, you’ll be allowed to come for 3 month with a touristic visa (that you just have to renew every 3 months)

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