Is there a community section in Romania?

Hi guys,

  1. Context:

For studies reason, I might (is not 100% sure ) move in Romania in order to access a medical formation since the 2021 until the end of the formation, so 2026 before move in another country for the final exams in order to have an international value of the diploma.

  1. So what’s the point ?

Due to my past, I have knowledge to win at least the first year of studie, I’m certain of it, and I need to get income the faster way too, so I ask if there are DBL members already in Romania so we can meet, and why not work together and be in a stronger part of the community.


Hi Antho, your topic is useful to see if we have brothers in Romania. Daniel Conversano have also his guys here.

I add your topic to the DBL World Map.

Have a nice evening