Is Odessa a good place to live in?

Hi guys,

I’m Massiva and I live in Odessa for a month now.

In this (long but interesting) topic, I would like to share my views about this city : the good and the bad points.

I’ll be totally honest as my followers on Telegram know : no bullshits, no lies, no fake dreams, I’ll tell the truth.

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Why did I choose Odessa ?

A lot of my French friends advised me to go there, they all ensured me that Odessa stands as a crazy city, where you can do everything you want.

That’s true… but during the summer.

During the winter, I have to say that I don’t feel this awesome athmosphere. It is actually normal. Imagine that you go in Nice or in Cannes during the winter. You won’t feel the magic for sure.

But Odessa is a very cheap city !

I mean, I rent a 30/35 m² flat close to the city center for only 250/260 € a month (is it litteraly nothing). The food is cheap, restaurants and cafe are cheap, taxi cost nothing…

With 700 €/month, you can live your life as if you had 1500 €/month in a medium city of France.

Is Odessa a safe place to live ?

When I came here, the landowners told me : « Be carefull, don’t get home by foot after midnight, this distrcit (where I live, Moldavanka) is quite dangerous, especially for a foreigner ! ». Even some people that I met here, when I say that I’m from Moldavanka, they open big eyes as if I said that I live in Seine Saint-Denis or Porte de la Chapelle.

But I get home by foot at midnight, 1, 2 or 3 am and nothing happened to me. You just see some people walking or smoking in the street (even girls). But I just arrived here, so I can’t say that my situation is a relevant one. However, as in Russia, girls can go home by foot during the night without the fear to be raped or killed. That kind of thing never happen in France nowadays…

So, I would say yes, Odessa is a safe place to live (even if Moscou, for instance, is safer).

Are Ukrainians good folks ?

A girl that I met knew I was alone for Christmas, so she invited me to a dinner with here best friends. I have been welcomed and respected, they asked me about my life, my work, we played together… It was a good diner !

My landowner invited me to the sauna with his close friends. I felt confortable with these guys I just met ! And they invited me again (I had to decline, too much work).

These two examples are for me relevants. The Ukrainians, as the Russians, have a big heart and a genuine soul !

A poor city ?

Odessa is a port city, wich means that it is richer than a non-port city. But the port isn’t that much developed as it used to be during the Soviet Union.

The city center is very beautiful with a lot of French and Italian architectures. At the periphery, you’ll find the classic USSR buildings, stores, homes and roads.

Sometimes, you see poor people looking for food into the garbage and some panhandlers… But I won’t say it is a poor city. Not at all.

What about immigration ?

In the city center, you’ll find a lot of arabs, turks and some black people. They usually live here for their studies.

How do they behave ?

As far I can say, they don’t seek problems, BUT, sometimes they try to look agressive to intimidate people (it doesn’t work on Ukrainians).

That’s the way it is, but I can ensure you that compared to France, immigration is nothing here (I said compared to France).

What about the girls ?


To be honest, I have been disapointed, let me explain why.

From my experience, but also from the others DBL membres in Odessa, and the experience of foreigners and of Ukrainians, Odessa is definitely not a city to find a wife. Odessa is a city of leasure. People come here to have fun ! If you look for a traditional girl, don’t come to Odessa.

Moreover, the majority of the girls that I met are too much venals (they seek money).

I totally understand that no relationship is selfless ! It doesn’t bother me to pay a drink or a restaurant, is totally OK for me BUT, if you pay here, you won’t have something back.

Here, girls use to say : « A man should pay, it is his role ».

No problem ! But what comes after ?

« Oh no, I’m not that kind of girl who have sex, I prefer to wait… »


Massiva’s tip : When you invite a girl the first time, you pay, no way to let here pay. When you invite a girl the second time, you pay, but only if she proposed to pay, or at least to share the bill

If the girl never asks you if she can contribute, that means she just sees you as a wallet. And that’s a bad thing. That’s what I think.

By the way, we met a French guy here, he is the king of the cuck (5 stars cuck). He married to an Ukrainian who left him as soon as she obtained here visa (she even didn’t say goodbye). Now, he is with a girl who doesn’t cook and… doesn’t want to have sex !

Don’t play the male role if she is not willing to play the female one.

But thanks God… prostitutes exist. And they are cheap. In a good place, you’ll have one hour for 40 €, it is nothing !

Do I recommand Odessa ?

It depends what you seek. If you just want a cheap place in order to live and to dedicate 100 % to your work, yes, I would recommand Odessa, especially for 3 or 4 months.

I also would recommand during the summer if you want to have a lot of fun, if you want to relax.

But if you want to find a wife, if you want to live here for years… I would not recommand.

What about Kiev ?

Every Ukrainian ensured my that Kiev was a much more serious city, when you can find a wife, raise children and work. They also told me that the girls are not venals (or at least less than Odessa). I plane to visit the city soon, for a week. I’ll let you know on my Telegram channel.

If you have question, please comment below. I’ll answer when I have time.

Best regards,



Really interesting feedback thank you Massiva !

Actually, before going to Bulgaria I was hesitating between Bansko and Odessa, but I didn’t want to go into annoying immigration stuff as Ukraine is not inside Europe.

I don’t know if it’s mistakes of inattention or typos but let me correct something : « A girl that I met knew I was alone for Christmas, so she invited me to a dinner with her best friends. »

Looking forward for your feedback of Kiev, did you heard about Lviv ? By the past I’ve heard good things about this city.


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Is it really that different with Parisian girls ?.. :thinking:

My advice to young bros (as 37 y old man with significant experience with girls) : If I could go back in time, I would spend far less time trying to understand what please women and more time at the gym club and find ways to get more money.


Thanks !

Yes, everyone says it is a very beautiful place, but they speak only ukrainian (and hate russian language). But why not visit this place !

That is what I do. But for the little amount of time you want to spend with girl, you don’t want to spend it with gold diggers

Hey Massiva,

Thanks for your interesting feedback.

I plan to move in Odessa in June for 3 months. I just want to have 100% of my free time in cheap place in Europe and pratice russian.

I have several questions :

  • Do people speak a lot russian there ? I just want to confirm that point
  • How is the entrepenarial and digital ecosystem/network ? Do you feel they are lots of start ups, entreprenors there ? And do you recommand to go to co-working spaces ?
  • What website did you use to get your appartment? I plan to take a 250€ appartement month on Airbnb. Maybe you recommand better options.
  • How to do to stay longer than 3 months once u are on place ? I just want to test it for 3 months without visa, but maybe I will like it.

Thanks a lot for your responses and feedbacks !

Best regards,


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Yes, In Odessa and Kiev everybody speak Russian and mostly 80 % of the writting on the ads, menus in restaurants, in stores… are in Russian.

There are some, but for the moment I prefer to work at home, I feel comfortable.

You have to check the condition on the embassy of France in Ukraine. I will not stay more than 3 months

Best regards,



We will have to make a badge for the 5 stars cuck ahaha.


Thanks for this honest feedback Massiva, I stayed in both Kiev and Odessa so I can relate to what you are writing.

I believe you’ll have a great time in Odessa if you stay there until may-june. I didn’t stay there during summer, but I believe it will be a different crowd (mostly uk and us tourists) in july and august. If this is what you are looking for then it’s great.

Regarding the women, I believe it’s a bit the same everywhere : you need a good context. If you go to university there or if you have local friends it would be much easier.

« Day game » (talking/interacting/socializing with women during the day time) works as well but the most good looking girls don’t speak very well english (in my opinion, the one’s who do, live in the US, UK, Dubai or somewhere else where they can have better opportunities).

There is competition with other men and they have at least the « trust badge », they are in a girl’s circle and do the same kind of stuff (bar, clubs, gym or whatever…). It’s just something to take into account when seducing Ukrainian women.

Also, since the past 10 years a lot of men (or "pick up artists) from around the world (US, Turkey, France, UK) travel to Ukraine to find a gf / wife… so there is a weird vibe I found, but it’s a good challenge for us.

So, to me it’s not only a matter of money, but also a matter of being social and pro-active. You can differentiate yourself with this more natural « strategy » and get a hooker from time to time if it helps you.

Good luck in your Odessa adventure and I hope you’ll score many bunnies :facepunch:



Thanks bro !

And regarding to the women, I understood that for the moment, it is better to be focus on the business than hanging out with them.

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Yeah :wink: you can always find some time for girls. Even a 10-15 min walk eye-flirting is a good start. It’s a skill (a soft one) like copywriting and it takes time to build. :blush:

Hello everyone,

I take my plane ticket with a friend (business partner) in a few days to be in Odessa on April 15th.

Do any of you have any advices for me please?

In addition, I have a few questions:

  • Which country is it recommended to go through in view of the current circumstances?
  • What is the situation in Ukraine? (covid test, medical certificate, etc.)
  • what are the best plans for an apartment?

Fraternally yours.

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