[IRL Business] - The FI Code : How to Build and Scale Your Own IRL Business from Scratch

Dear DBL brothers and sisters, my business partners and I have developed a complete process to create your brick IRL business quickly, easily and in the cheapest way possible.

This process, which we have named: The FI Code - for Financial Independence - allows not only beginners to create their own business in a simplified way, but also to scale up and multiply locations thanks to our franchise-based strategies.

This product is designed for IRL business, whether it is based in France, Eastern Europe or the USA, but could also be applied to e-businesses.

The test aim is to offer this product for sale on DBL in partnership with our supreme leader, and thus be able to help all the brothers to build their IRL business in Eastern Europe.


We will only take on 3 testers, after a quick interview to check your goals and profile. The ideal profile is :

  1. You must want to create a business quickly, safely, and ensure your success thanks to the guidance of professionals in the field.
  2. You are motivated and hard-working.

No matter how much experience you have matured, the program keeps being the same : follow the steps and enjoy.


The FI Code is a system based on both our field experience in business creation and the best theoretical knowledge

In this process you will find :

  • Our strategies validated by pillars of French entrepreneurship
  • How to use the franchising method to earn 10 000 € / month
  • What are the money making sectors and how to identify them
  • How to analyse a market
  • The 3 phases of a market and how to position yourself in these phases
  • How to get financed while spending nothing
  • Our 20/80 strategy to double your turnover and duplicate your business
  • How to choose the best location
  • How to manage your marketing - Our methods

And avoid mistakes :

  • Sensitive sectors to avoid and how to identify them
  • Legal and accounting mistakes that will ruin you
  • Find out which companies are crap businesses
  • Identify low-end businesses that fake success
  • Identifying partners who want to make money on your back

A telephone interview to :

  • Identify your profile
  • Identify your needs
  • Analyse your projects
  • Analyse your skills and weaknesses
  • Set objectives for you
  • Answer your questions

The documents will be sent to you in PDF format for free.

The 3 testers will join a Telegram group with me, in order to share experiences, motivate you and help you. This Telegram group will include all future leaders who have joined my programme. They will also have access to the personalised call for free.


FI Code is built on the basis of the knowledge and experience we acquired as startuppers and business owners. Thanks to IF Code, I am buying today a 230,000 € turnover company for 150,000 €, without using a dime out of my pocket ! This method also enables many guys to overshoot 200,000 € per year, creating a 60,000 € to 100,000 € margin according to their business model.

It was validated and recommended by Pascal Chauvin, founder of 9 companies including the former Real Soft shopping centre.

Stefan Schaaps, founder of the My Big Bang franchise which generates nearly 1 Million 200,000 € of turnover per year throughout France.

Jérémi Lepetit, co-founder of Retreeb, serial entrepreneur, Professor of Blockchain applied to marketing at INSEEC MSc & MBA, Professor of Community Management at the University of Evry and Professor of Digital Business Development at INSEEC.

The FI Code is currently being studied by Marc-William Attié, a Harvard Business school graduate, former manager of several Total stations, CEO and developer of BNI France, CEO of fit20 France, and President of the successful ActionCoach franchise.


The FI Code was co-written with Brian-Guilhem Fabregue, Doctor of Financial Law and Director of Legal Affairs at Retreeb SA. Brian-Guilhem is also President at Ca’Sole, a senior wellness startup; and Law Officer at Hoffabre, an innovative medtech.

On my side, The FI Code is based on my entire career, and it is this method that allowed me to buy a company with annual sales of €230,000 for €150,000 without paying anything out of my own pocket. I also co-created a health centre specialising in the well-being and rehabilitation of elderly patients.

We also are the authors of “Business Up - 59 seconds to come up with an ultra-profitable business idea”, a book published on Amazon and in bookstores in which we detail the steps involved in designing a business and setting up an action plan to move your idea from paper to reality.


Our guru Jean-Marie will be offered a commission, and each DBL member will be able to buy our process at a preferential price.

You will also have access to our Upsells:

  • A legal / juridical Newsletter containing information, advice and strategies on tax and legal optimisation at a European and worldwide level, in relation to the fairly regular changes in law. These emails will be written by an Attorney at Law specialized in European law and associated with our company. The subscription is €50 per month. The goal ? To be in order (not to end up in jail) and to earn more money.
  • A personalised telephone consulting, offered for the testers, to answer specific questions about our methods, taxation or the development of one’s business in general, with a view of advanced mentoring. It will be done with me or with Guilhem according to the needs. The consulting costs 147 € for 40 minutes. The objective ? To speed up the process, unblock a situation and boost turnover.

So we need 3 testers only, determined to build their business. The FI Code will be sent to you in PDF format for free. The only thing we need from you is your positive and negative feedback, as well as your video testimonials.

For applicants, go to frenchleaders.contact@gmail.com.

See you soon and much success to you all !

Bye, Jordan


This projects looks very interesting. I’m sure you’ll find promising testers here on DBL! Best of luck!


Thanks !

We have one mission : Helping bros to build their own business !

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Hi bro, that looks super well thought out. I have a question, do you think your method works for therapy businesses? Like rebouting, reflexology, osteopathy, etc?


Not that in fact, psychoanalysis, sophrology too

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Hi Panzer

It works very well with this sectors.

Therapies, whatever they are, belong to lean businesses.

Highly adapted for my method.


I’m interested, are you still taking testers?


Yeah !

Please contact us at frenchleaders.contact@gmail.com bro !

Let’s make fucking money


I’ve worked with Jordan and Guilhem and they’re very professional. If you search a training program for your IRL business, go for it !


A great project! We’re going to give you strength so you can find customers and make some fucking money.


I’d be pleased to test this product if there’s still a place for me!


Welcome on board

Please contact frenchleaders.contact@gmail.com