Improve your English skills by yourself (for beginners)

Hi everyone,

Our community is growing up. We are now internationally involved. We have to speak English to obtain bigger opportunities, create more values and to rally futur members. We have to be excellent, like always. It will take years, so we need to upgrade now. I will give you an easy but precious method which has worked on myself. I clarify, I am speaking to beginners and middlemen.

So here is the thing. To improve your English skills, you have to be in contact with the language. First of all, everything you watch, watch it in English. It involves movies, series, documentaries, youtube videos, programs … Of course, you will add subtitles. If your level is poor, start with French subtitles.You will for sure not understand every sentences, but you will get the short answers and some words. It’s a beginning, and unconsciously, your brain will integrate a lot of things ; the ton, the rhythm, how to build sentences, and words you don’t even know yet. It’s good to study in a traditional way, you have to. But in real life, people doesn’t speak like in classroom.

Secondly, when you are a bit better and start to understand more, pass the subtitles in English. Here is the hardest step to do. You will be confused, possibly lost. You will handle it. It is difficult but you know the expression : « no pain, no gain ». At this point, you will have the most profit. You will learn a lot of new words and expressions. Your English will become richer, more fluent and more credible. Yeah, I insist there. I’ve already written it, but it’s important. People will not listen to you if you get them bored. You must look natural, if not you’ll be a weirdo no one wants to meet. Watching your content with English subtitles will develop your spelling and your grammar too.

Thirdly, no more subtitles, only the sound. It’s the final step. Goldsmith’s work starts here. This final stage’s goal is to perfect your base, which is big and solid now. It will take time, you will have to be patient, an add other exercices to progress. Reading in English will be necessary. Of course, the best is to pratctise. That’s what we are doing right now, more overall in DBL. Try to find someone in your family or friends who speaks well and can discuss with you.

When I was at school, I was terrible in English. I had bad grades. Then in high school, I started watching movies in English (with English subtitles) and guess what ? My level was much better, no more bad grades. Even today, some friends are impressed by my English skills, because I was a bad student, but that’s another story :joy:. So no more French content, we have to conquer the world, we have to think bigger !

Thank you for your time. Sorry for syntax errors, I’m still in the process !


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I use this strategy since 1 years with english subtitles and 2 weeks ago I watch all film/serie without subtitles and YES it’s the best way to train you’re english. Don’t be afraid about watch series/film without subtitles yeah it’s hard but you gonna grew up

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First of all, congrat for your Post. You did a good job. Thank you to did it.

I have another tip to add.

To improve your english, like you said, we need to be in contact with the english. We live in the Internet era, I suggest you to talk or text with english People. Kinda like a correspondence. I did it recently and my english improved.

Of course to do it, you must have a little base in english.

And if you are really determined to learn the english, you could move to an english country.

I can aslo suggest you my tool to translate. It is named Wordreference. There’s an app and a Web site.

Here is the link :

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In my opinion, is better cause it is based on artificial intelligence.

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I didn’t know I’ll try it.

Thanks for shared it.

Thank you ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your post !

If I can add few advices :

  • Set all of your computers, search engines and software programs in English, it will force you to practice to fully use them (plus most of the time the english versions of your programs are design to be use in English).

  • Join native english speaker communities. There are a lot of discord’s servers or forum for this, personally I work in video post-production and the best tutorial and communities are english speakers only, and I think it is the same for most of the professions.

  • Use language learning apps like Duolingo, Memrise or Tinycards, it’s one of the fastest way to improve you vocabulary and grammar skills especially.

Like Sigfried_G3 I was terrible in English when I was at school and I hated to learn languages, but since the day I started to use these methods, my English and language skills in general improve to a point that today it’s a pleasure to learn languages.

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