🃏 If crypto explode, where will you stand

Disclaimer: My intention was firstly to share an article about crypto and remind to anyone will read it, that jump on any kind of thing at a too big % part of your asset remains risky. Then of course I will speak about my own option as a small % answer for this much needed diversification…

  • I am not going to say one’s can’t make money with crypto

  • I am not going to judge if the article is a good reasoning or a :poop:

:crossed_fingers:But if it can help a few guys here, not to be too deep at risk and lose too much one day if something happens with crypto…

:point_right: the article (in English) is quite long but worth trying to understand it for anyone involved in crypto I thought : https://link.medium.com/Jx9dzhPe8cb

:man_with_probing_cane:for my part I have been laughed at privately recently with the ease to make much more money and faster with crypto that my 25+ years old passion for my unique beloved market.

:nerd_face: To me it has always been clear that crypto would never be my cup of tea except to avoid getting bothered by a bank employee during a transaction :stop_sign: Final point of how crypto would be in my hands for a very few minutes…

:green_heart: of course a lot of money can be done on a lot of other investments by a lot of experienced guys. I still do not have the time, experience and attraction for anything else that what I can control at max, call me :chicken: it is fine I am building safely stone by stone with what I love as a job and market.

True respect for other experts in their areas and I hope something big is not coming too soon.

:brick: I never liked and will never like all these markets that can crash…

  • As always claimed, my football matches I invest on HERE at least won’t crash in my sleep or in a few hours, a small % in risk in the market (a match) and the remaining is out of the market.

  • Even this "market " itself can’t crash. So I am remaining on my way as the only way as all other markets can explode because of any of these geopolitical or other reasons.

1 - A match which is a very small portion of your bank as risk will either start and finish.

2 - If anything is wrong it doesn’t start = no money at risk in this market.

3 - If it stops during the match you get reimbursed.

So nothing out of control will happen on the whole investor’s bankroll because of my market :wink: when I feel any other investment would.

To me, even real estate in some cases could lead to huge sudden losses and yes I am a :chicken:

War, natural disaster causing potentially damages, anything causing a sudden drop in the market value I have no idea but I still do not have any taste for it…

:crossed_fingers:finally, I only hope nobody is too much in exposure out of his pocket on other markets especially a unique one; crypto looks scary as well to me.

As always it could be wise to divide your risks, myself I see risks almost everywhere…

:green_heart::fist_right::fist_left::umbrella: peace guys and be careful


Even if I sleep and eat crypto, I totally agree your point of view :

  • Being the best at your business field is the most valuable thing.

  • Bull runs in cryptos happen only 1:4 of the time, it means that these “crypto genius” will have to trade one day (have fun trading not being in the top 5% traders). -> Betting is always on and the market isn’t changing that much.

  • Being good in a field where big funds aren’t interested is EV. There is 3-4 in betting, but it’s still a blue ocean. -> In bull run peoples think that beeing a crypto investor is a fair game, but before the money going in there pockets, the money goes to : Dev team, exchanges, whales, liquidity providers, front runners, private sales investors. (I estimate that they did tax me more than 70% of my overall gains).


Update on the Tether and possible risks tnof big waves coming one day or another…

"Dans l’ensemble, les experts semblent convenir que Tether est en difficulté. Même si l’espace des crypto-monnaies est nouveau, il semble peu probable que les organismes de réglementation passent l’opportunité de faire de Tether un cas “exemple”.

Vrai semblablement, les conséquences de tout méfait de Tether et Bitfinex pourraient être aussi minimes que des amendes. Même si l’USDT s’effondre, des solutions plus fiables, mieux réglementées et décentralisées pourraient s’emparer de sa part de marché."

Argh sorry I will update the post above un English tomorrow

Personally, I change all my USDT into BUSD and DAI.

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