I need you beta testers

Hello, for those who know me, I am a Krav Maga Self Defense instructor in Tahiti.

I am launching an online teaching platform for self defense and I am recruiting beta testers to help me finalize the project before presenting it to Jean Marie.

If you are interested in trying my site and my products, send me your emails in private messages on the forum and I will provide you with premium access to try everything.

you will have on the menu physical exercises, interviews, health advice to be accomplished athletes and keys to technical understanding.

I’m counting on you and your kindness, and I thank Silvio for letting me ask for your help.


Hello HL,

I’m in ! I do KM since 2010, so I’m interested.

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Ok, give me you’re email

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it’s done

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Guys, please, if you’re interesting, give me your’re email in the first message.

thank you

What type of profil are you looking for ? Is it for beginner ?

I’m in if you are ok with total beginner

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the only profile I am looking for is the person who tries to stay alive on the streets. It is as much for novices as for those confirmed in combat sports.

Ok comme on

Ok guys, my programmer to work on your acces, your beta tester accounts are normally operational, I await your returns

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Hello, I am a total beginner and I’m In, I have a lot of time for this currently

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ok, give me you’re mail at mp

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Hello guys, you are 12, i no longer take beta testers, thanks to those who replied.

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