I need help for get my money back

Hi team,

I put one of my Dropshipping sites up for sale, a guy bought it from me in Bitcoin for the equivalent of $24k on a site called Posbit.io

The problem is that they think I’m a jerk, and I feel like I got screwed and will never see my money.

Have any of you gone through this before for transactions, or tell me if this is a scam and if any of you have the ability to hack these bastards so I can get my funds back, and if there’s anything to get back for whoever does the transaction, help themselves to compensation.

Thank you security team


Scam for sure

whois domain :

domaine creation

Created on May 2021.

Web archives:

First snapshot of the website registered on July 13rd.
Few months after domain creation.

No need to go further as they claim to be there since 2 years.
But still… no social network shown, no reviews, etc etc… it was easy to check all of it.

Honestly I don’t understand why you didn’t checked deeper with such amount.
If you gave full access to your dropshipping website then you’re fucked.


Hi, thank you for your help. No i still have my dropshipping website.

Are you able to hack him ?

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