I met some polish bros that want to help DBL bros to move to Poland

Hi frérots,

I’m expatriated in California since more that 2 years and out there I met a polish guy, and to make in short : he’s learning how to make money online and vibes totally with the DBL community, the mindset, the spirit (think out of the box, the leftism that is destroying west Europa, etc → he has a functional brain and wants to live) We watched together a lot of videos of Jean-Marie in English and also all the expatriation plans in DBL shop, and he’s interested to help anyone in DBL to move in Poland and develop the polish section. He’s not physically in Poland for now but he can help from California about giving informations and start it as a freelancer, and he has his guys in Poland (at least one guy I’ve Skyped with who is interested also)

My goal with this post is to find guys from DBL that would be interested by helping us developing the polish expatriation service through the DBL Shop (for exemple), also I’m interested to connect with someone with more experience in DBL that could give us more informations about how is it going with the expatriation services already developed in DBL (Estonia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic … )

Thanks !


Hello amigo I am in Poland. I am new in DBL but I will be happy to help start the local section.


I don’t remember If there is a Poland section, contact @Silvio or by email silvio@jmcorda.com

PS: Add _G5 at the end of your pseudo

Awesome thank you let’s connect tho I’ll shoot you a message soon ! I’ll also contact Silvio !