I can't make my first euros on internet!

Dear brothers…

I can’t make my first euros on internet !

First of all, I hope that you are all doing very well and that everything is going well for you at all levels, family, business, wife, etc…

So here it is, it’s been several weeks or months now that I’m trying to do business online and yet I still can’t generate my first income thanks to the internet and that makes me a bit angry.

In everyday life I am not at all someone who talks about these concerns or others, I really do everything in my corner and I keep everything to myself.

I even hesitated to post this message on the forum, but I thought that if I didn’t do it, then what good was it to me DBL? If when I have doubts or concerns I don’t talk to my community to get their help or their point of view?

I explain myself, as said in my presentation on the forum I had tested a lot of things before but without result, (drop, affiliation, POD, etc …) I wanted to touch a little bit of everything to find what I really like and work on it a lot.

Except that it’s been more than 6 months since I started this adventure and I feel like I haven’t made any progress, of course I’ve taken a lot of small steps, which allowed me to learn a lot of things (website creation, prospecting, marketing techniques (thanks Tugan), productivity techniques (thanks JM)).

But despite this, I have the impression that I have not advanced a hair, that I have not built even a small system that I would be developing and that I would really like!

I feel like I’m lost, like I’m back to where I started when I discovered DBL, I’ve tested a lot of things but I still can’t find what “excites” me or what at least gives me a little bit of revenue.

I thought that doing a Realism coaching with Charlie could help me a lot, so I sent him a message on telegram, so I’m waiting for his answer.

But I also post this message to have your advice, your opinions, your feedbacks maybe if you are or were in the same situation as me.

What reassures me is that despite this, my thirst for learning has never been so great, I work and I am motivated as ever to really get out of this hell that is the rat race and even more, in a country like France.

I think that making a diary following this post could be interesting to see really bad progress as time goes by.

On this, good evening to all, hoping that everything goes well for you and that it will continue like this.

PS: Excuse me Admin if I don’t post this message in the right category, correct me if I posted it in the wrong place.

Long life to DBL.



Hello mate, I personally tried different things before making my first euro on internet, and from my experience, if you’ve not earned 1€ in 6 month of work with drop, affiliation or these kind of busines models, I think there is a problem somewhere.

In my opinion, it is either that you’re absolutely not made for what you tried, and you should do something completely different … Or you don’t have enough focus when working on your task. When achieving a goal, if you make to make consistent proress, imo you need at least 95% of focus on this, and just forget about everything else.

I’m not saying that you should leave school if you don’t want to, I personnally did both together with some “street smart” strategies :sweat_smile: but you will need to be thinking and working on your business 95% of the time in my opinion.

Is it something you were doing already ?


Hello Matteoo,

:diamonds: I will share my story with you, maybe it will be helpful for you. I am not living from my business right now, I do few euros already, less than 50e on the internet ^^. But now I have skills, knowledge and found my way I am sure to do money in the next few weeks.

:diamonds: I start three or four years ago by putting my nose in the digital universe. I wanted to leave that rat race. My work was to be a waiter, I was good and the last season I did good money. It comes with experience.

:diamonds: That job leaves me time to be on digital businesses.

:diamonds: I try A LOT of things. Now when I am looking back, I was missing mindset, knowledge, experience AND long experimentations to win on e-com, marketing, website making etc etc.

:diamonds: One or two years ago I was serious about being a sports coach. I declare my business to know how it was. Every Sunday I was animating a free running group in the forest. Very good experience. Then disillusion when I knew I can’t really do what I wanted without certification in France xD.

:diamonds: I closed the “store” and continue my digitals “bidouillages” but more seriously. Until last year. I do the free google Digital Marketing Certification then I found my way => Webdesign.

:diamonds: I was turning around that domain but I never saw it. Why ? I don’t know. Destiny maybe.

:diamonds: Actually, i am full 200% on Webdesign. In the beginning, my work was really shit but it is not a problem I keep working on it. Now I am a very serious player in my domain, certificated as an expert on Webflow development.

:diamonds: When I look back I accomplished so much in a few months and I am proud of my results and the quality of my work, even if I do 0e !!

:diamonds: I am comfortable with potentials clients, I know what to do and how to do it in my business to be well. I know to organize everything and do my marketing etc. It is a totally different universe in my mindset and business uses than before. And it takes me a lot of time! And because I was lack of experience and lack of knowing myself.

:diamonds: Now I am convinced I can do any type of business even physical and I will run it.

All of that to say:

  1. Maybe you need more skills or business experience. The truth is some people can do revenues on the internet in 3 months and others it takes 2 years (like Tugan ^^). It depends on what business you are in and how you run it.

  2. Maybe you need to find your way. Keep being curious and discover things. You do copywriting or e-com but data analysis is your passion but you don’t know it. Or stunt or everything else. Put your nose everywhere, look around. You have “easy” but busy ways. Like 5 euros.com etc. Write lists it helps. One trick: How do I became a waiter ? It was not fitting me well at all before thinking it this way ==> What i want ? Travel, easy and good money, not working all the year and for the same enterprise, no high skills, easy job to find everywhere ==> BOOM! Waiter was fitting well :slight_smile:

  3. Put priorities! Focus on what you do. Don’t do a little bit of it and a little bit of that. Find your business and do only it. For exemple from great to small. I am graphic designer ==> specialized on website design. I don’t do illustrations, I don’t do logos, I don’t do 3d object. I can but i am focus on websites. I do developping with Webflow, not with wordpress not with wix. Only webflow. My niche is focused too. There is only 340 businesses in that niche i will contact all before do my next niche. My acquisition canal is LinkedIn I am 100% on it and optimized. (of course i have other socials but for the shape).

  4. Do a list of what you have learned and accomplished!!! Take time to do it. Really. Everything you have done until now is not a waste of time! Be sure! Keep continuing!

Here is a funny but true little picture, i do for instagram:

Even if it is a desert in front of you - you will learn how to survive - and for later -

Force to you brother, have a good time :slight_smile:


Hy Matteoo!

thank you for your message, I’m just in the same or almost the same situation for a longtime! Actualy, I’m not focus 95% like CiziaG1 said, because busy with an other job for living, but since I’ve join BDL, I do my best to learn more and to get help, not to stay alone in my corner( like I use to do!) to progress in my understanding of E,commerce …and it’s not that easy and it takes time ! You will succed at the right time, for sure ! regards


Hi Cizia! Thanks for your answer!

And no, I haven’t been doing drop, affiliation etc. for 6 months. It’s just that I’ve been doing affiliate, drop, etc… for periods of 1-2 months each time because it “bored” me, I was excited when I was thinking about the whole business, how to set up the project, I set it up, I push it for a while and then it bored me because indeed, I think what makes me “bored” are the repetitive tasks, like writing blog posts etc… but that are mandatory.

Thanks again for your answer!


Thank you very much for your answer!

I hope that you too will succeed in your projects as well and as soon as possible!

Sincerely, brother


Thank you very much for your message it makes me think a lot, I myself having tried the SMMA, I had found a real attraction for the design of WordPress website with DIVI.

You’re right about not spreading myself too thin and trying 50 things at the same time, I feel like I’m giving my head everywhere, wanting to test everything all the time, maybe it’s the shiny object syndrome or just my great curiosity, I don’t know.

Anyway, thanks for your answer, I’m going to seriously question what I’m doing and focus on goals that I would have classified beforehand.

I hope you succeed in all your projects. Thank you. Thank you very much for your message it makes me think a lot, I myself having tried the SMMA, I had found a real attraction for the design of WordPress website with DIVI.

You’re right about not spreading myself too thin and trying 50 things at the same time, I feel like I’m giving my head everywhere, wanting to test everything all the time, maybe it’s the shiny object syndrome or just my great curiosity, I don’t know.

Anyway, thanks for your answer, I’m going to seriously question what I’m doing and focus on goals that I would have classified beforehand.

I hope you succeed in all your projects. Thank you.

Have a nice evening, and by the way, the picture is very very beautiful :wink:


Thanks, it’s a pleasure to help. For me, I also tried trading crypto in 2017 to 2019, didn’t worked. Then I tried coaching business for a few month, didn’t worked as well. Then I tried Profit Mimétique and it worked. But now that I have a monthly revenue, I am doing something completely different.

Profit Mimétique was kind of in the middle ground between, a business model I like and a business model not too hard or too long that I can do. I liked Copywriting, but it wasn’t my calling. And I think it was still worth to push for 6 month hardcore because now I moved into something I love that is much more serious and long term and I have a monhtly income grace to this.

It’s cool to find your calling but at some point you need $$ in order to be free. I would advise you to find a business model that you like, but don’t try to find the perfect business to you. Just take something that you enjoy and that you know WORKS, and then focus 95% of your time on it until you have a pretty stable income (nothing is 100% stable). Then you will have a situation that allow you to find an activity that you absolutely love.

It’s my opinion based on my life experience, not obviously the truth. Some people might disagree and take another path, but this one worked for me.


Okay I understand, thank you very much for your feedback, it’s definitely the right thing to do, focus on a business model until you make money, and once that’s done, really find something you like.

But you are right, the main goal is to make money and as soon as possible.

Thanks for this reminder and for your feedback, really.


Hello Bro, I had an experience like you, 1 year before earning my first euro on the internet and from there I was able to really start earning quite well.

  1. My advice to you, focus on one business model, you have tested many, find the one you like best.

  2. Find the teacher, the person who is the best in that industry, the top of the top, the one who has the results you want.

  3. Learn and apply what you have learned.

  4. Set yourself a financial goal and turn it to get there. Your first goal must be 1 euro, every month you make x2 on this goal. In one year you will reach a goal of 1000 €

Why 1 €? 1 euro, is not a very big goal, if I have to be honest and very small but this will allow you to believe it, do it and this will reinforce your belief, the second month your goal will be 2 €, you will believe it even more, 4 €, € 8, € 16 …

Certainly you will be able to exceed the goal you have set for yourself and this is good. Too big a goal will frustrate you at first and you’ll feel bad if you don’t realize it.

Now brother I have a question for you: We gave you the advices, especially the last one comes from my online multi millionaire mentor.

Are you ready to implement what I told you even if it is seem simple and too easy?

Only you can answer your question, if you want to have different results and have a different life, you have to change your way of doing things.

Good Luck Bro from A very dear friend.