I built my dropshipping store, where to get the traffic from?

Hello y’all,

I just finished to design my dropshipping store to sell coffee. I know this forum is full of successful dropshipping entrepreneurs, I am here to take their advices.

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Hi Arno_G5,

For a Dropshipping store, you have 2 options :

  • Organic traffic (such as SEO)
  • Paying traffic (such as FB Ads or Google Ads)

You can choose 1 option and goes straight to it or mix both of those options.

You can also choose influencers to promote your shop. (paying traffic as well)

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Hello @Arno_G5!

After my experience with Dropshipping, my advice should be to create social medias (Instagram and TikTok) and publish daily content: images, videos, stories, reals and guides. At least 2 posts per day to be sure to build your audience little by little and retain them. It helps a lot to gain traffic when you put your link in your bio and your content is directly associated to your products/universe.

You can check out YouTube, there are some amazing tips to make your life easier and be straight to the point without doing rocket science :slight_smile:


@Viktoria_G5 any Youtube channel in particular ?

You don’t start a shop this way. Either you know that your niche has potential in SEO = a lot of traffic, no specialized competitors. Or you know that it is a product that is exploding, you make the shop in 2 days maximum and launch the ads. If they work okay, if not, stop the advertising and launch another product.

Your question makes me think that you don’t want to dropshipping but launch your own brand in ecommerce. In dropshipping you have to be logical, launch products, make a nice shop but without working on it for 2 weeks, launch advertising, after 48h you evaluate if you want to continue with this product or change.

If the product sells well, you’ll think about developing a branding, packaging, improve the product, do photo shoots with extras …

I see you a little lost, in private I will send you the best training to do dropshipping, the training costs 1500$ but do not worry I will give it to you for free. At least you’ll have a real plan of action and you’ll stop wasting time, energy and money on things that are useless.


As far, I found this French guy on YouTube.

You need to keep in touch with the updates/upgrades of the algorithms, but the essential never change though.

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