Hugo_G5 | 24yo | French | PM

Hello I am a student of Tugan Mimetic Profits training, I am 24 years old.

I bought this training for my birthday, it’s the best gift I could give myself.

My girlfriend dumped me because she thought I was too radical, too rigorous. It’s the Tugan and JM effect

So I’m fucking several exes right now, it’s really convenient and easy.

They are still very nice physically so I take advantage of them before they decline.

The advantage is that I don’t even have to pretend to be interested in their lives.

About my work:

I have a company in France now, it’s a war.

I made 90 000 euros in affiliation in 2 years, which is not huge compared to others.

But it’s enough to get a taste of independence.

Unfortunately I lost some big partnerships recently.

That’s the reason why I want to make my own online business.

About my goals:

I wish to set up several mimetic profits with FrogTech

I would like to go to Montenegro for a vacation to see if the country would be suitable for expatriation.

I hope to make a lot of money.

About my passions :

I like to do sports (running, mountain biking, skiing), make money, and drink fir tree liquor with my 2 brothers occasionally.

About the community:

I am here to learn and share my skills, network, and find freelancers.

Long live the community and long live king JM.


Welcome Hugo,

I feel your pain :fr: :flushed:

I am a freelance copywriter but you need to go through the DBL process to find one. I believe you need to make a request on the website.

Best of luck to you.




Welcome Hugo.

Welcome Hugo!

Wish you the best!


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Welcome Hugo !

Wish you a lot of success !

Take Care

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Welcome Hugo,

Inspiring path for a young entreprenor ! What type of affiliation did you done ? SEO ? SEA ? Other ?



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