Huge problem with Satoshi chanel and USDC!

Hi !

I’m in trouble with Binance and i need help please. I’m a fresh new member of DBL and i’m now following the Satoshi chanel.

I started to make my wallet but i can’t buy USDC, i have only found the way to buy BTC with USDC but that’s all, can somebody just explain me how to do this please ? It could probably cost me a lot if i don’t fix the problem. Thank you all


Follow the Video #5 of the tutorial concerning rebalancing ! It’s said to convert everything to BTC first and buy the other cryptos after ! BTC can be exchanged with all cryptos available. So :

  1. Convert everything to BTC.
  2. Use the google sheet provided in the tuto to make the rebalancing with the pairs X/BTC

Thanks for your reactivity, really appreciate it ! I did everything mentionned on the tutorials and i already have my bitcoins, and the only device that i can’t buy is that damn USDC ! When i search USDC i only find BTC/USDC but not the opposite, USDC/BTC

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You are on the right screen. Just switch to “Sell” and Sell BTC :wink:


I feel very stupid right now, but i grew up and i learned ! Thanks a lot :wink:


AVATAR :imp:


Before posting

Sorry for that ! Normaly it’s done now.

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Hello, i have just one little question about the limit order we put on USDC for buy bitcoin, can you please tell me if i did it good ? I join a picture of m’y screen

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Can somebody please answer my question please ? I’m New on the Satoshi chanel and crypto trading and i see that the bitcoin have felt under 42250 and my limit order is still in place, do i have to sell my 11% of USDC for bitcoin now ?

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Keep it. If it needs to be cancelled, the guys will tell us

Hey @Allan.G4,

The current price did not fall under $42,250. Where did you see that?

It stands at $50,300 right now.


It fell under 42250 euro, but i don’t know if 42250 mean 42250€, 42250$ or 42250 USDC. But if you guys says my screenshot mean that i did my limit order right, i will wait and see :wink:

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It is 42,250 USDC, which is the equivalent of $42,250.

Hope that’s helpful!

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For sure ! Thanks

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