How you can make 2000$+ per month to stay in a bed and work on your online business

Hi to all the brothers.

I live in Australia and I have a great plan that should interest many and that allowed me to earn 40,000 Australian dollars (25k euros) over the last 18 months (and without the covid I would have made much more):

Testing drugs ( Medicament je precise pour les francophones, pas des drogues dures :slight_smile: )

Yes I know it can be scary but everything is very regulated fortunately.

You just have to be in good health (you don’t have to be an athlete, just not having a serious condition). Then you will spend 2-3 weeks in a specialized clinic, fed and housed with a lot of free time (to work on your online business), then you will get your paycheck at the end (between 5k and 10k). It’s as simple as that.

Plus you’ll learn English. The country has just reopened its borders. If you are under 35 years old you are eligible for a one year work visa and you can do a full year of clinical studies, putting much more money in your pocket than if you were working for minimum wage in France while having all the time in the world to work on your online business.

I give you the links to the websites of the clinics (the longer the studies the better they pay) : LINK FORBIDDEN :no_entry_sign:

I’m not making a more detailed post than that, I’m just taking the temperature. If people are interested, I will give more information because there are some tricks and techniques to know.

Leave me a message here or by PM I will answer you in detail.




When I was in Canada for my studies I saw a lot of advertising in our campus about that kind of deal.

You’re exchanging your health for money. In my opinion, this is a very bad move with huge impact in the long term. If you think that regulation will help you against big pharma, just check all trials and the end of them. And in your case, you’ll be alone vs a big pharma. Meanwhile, you have lost your health.

Remind that you only have one life, one health. Once you lose it, it’s forever. While you can make money at any time.

Choose wisely


When you work in let’s say construction or whatever manual job, and go to work every morning by car you are putting yourself at risk as well, and way more that in those studies statistically. Just compare the number of deaths on roads+work to those in clinical trials in developped countries. I am not even talking about stress free life.

I don’t agree that you can make money at any time. Making money is very hard, otherwise this forum would not exist. So if you have a shitty job it can be worth considring.

But I understand your point. It all comes down to the amount of risk you are taking compared to how much money you’ll make and how much you need this money now. If dont think you would hesitate a second if the paycheck was 1 million$ for 3 weeks :slight_smile: but would definitely say now if it was 100$

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Hello Subaruiz,

Babouche has rightly made the point here.

I’m gonna just add that I’d rather take the hard money than cut my kidney for whatever money.

Take care of yourself.

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