How to present our community and uppermost leader to friends/people that we just met?

Hi bro,

You probably have had to present DBL to your friends, mates, family or people that you just met.

But at the core on DBL, there is a man. And this man has done so much things in his life. There is so much things to say!

No one can present the greatness of our uppermost leader with words, we should use video, the art of the greatest artist!

But we should select what video?

Thanks in advance for answers,


At one time, J.-M. Corda asked us to be discreet about DBL. I don’t know if this is still the case.

For my part, every time I introduced DBL to “serious” guys, they all had the same reaction: “Yeah, that’s interesting, I’ll think about it.” Then nothing.

It’s not that surprising because we are atypical.

I’m sorry to be pessimistic, but I don’t think we need to promote our community. Someone who is looking for something like DBL, ends up finding DBL.

If any member has an opinion that differs from mine, I will be more than happy to read it. Thank you @Charl-Ubermensch_G3 for opening this topic. I’m very interested in it.

I look forward to hearing from you.


I don’t introduce anybody to JMC, DBL & so on. People have to think by themselves.

Edit for clarity : By “think by themselves” (written too quicly) I wanted to express the fact that anybody who would come across the projects around jm/dbl have to do their own research and make up their minds, and then act with knowledge.

The DBL philosophical and political statements are quite controversial for the average French Guy. Radicality isn’t for everybody.

But what I do is telling people that I’m planning to expatriate & run my business from Eastern Europe, and why I’ll do that.

I agree with @GuillaumeM_G3.

I Also think that acting only as a JMCorda dévoted worshipper/cult follower is a poor strategic move and Can be used to undermine the deep ideas behind the public character.


I realised that the discussion is turning into “Should we present” more that “How do we present”, but I don’t have an exact video of JM to recomend

Most people are not going to be interested in DBL, and 90% of them are going to be shocked and think its a skam…

But of course it depends of who you are presenting the comunity, you can try with people that are interested in online business and think that there is a problem in France.

I would adapt to each person, maybe present the “discipline” video for the ones who want to fight, the audiobook “Artiste de Rue” if they are rebelous and like this way of life…

I’ve personally known DBL and Corda thanks to a friend, and I think that it’s better to at least try if there is any possibility of understanding.

For my part, I’ve made a mistake on how I presented it,



But I couldn’t resist, and wanted to see how they would react and it was too funny :sweat_smile: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Of course the only one laughting was me, and I only realised my mistake well later…

The first impression is very important, and even know that I’ve present it correctly and they have accepted it, they still are a little skeptic. For family I would present it as a very professional thing and don’t give them reasons of being afraid, it won’t be useful at all.


For friends its really different:

  • If they might be interested, adapt it and try to show that it brings the value that they are seeking.

  • If they only like distractions, you can present it as a funny thing (at least they will think it’s funny because you know they won’t be ever interested) maybe with a wtf video of JM.

And for unknowns or people we just met, I can’t understand the idea of talking about it.

Of course you have the possibility of not talking about it at all, but sometimes it’s easier for people to understand what you do in your life and you might even have surprises. (not that much, don’t dream)

At the end it’s your choice, and I understand the idea of not talking at all about it, but also of presenting it to people to try to find bros irl (or people that at least understand).

In Conclusion: You choose if you talk about it, but always being careful and adapting the message.

Hoping I could help, :muscle:


PS: @GuillaumeM_G3 @PierreALBERT_G5 I have a different point of view, it might interest you.

I think the goal here is only to present it, not to encourage anyone of joining.


Now that we have the DBL ring, I think that it has changed.

Not surely.

This sentence could mean everything and nothing.

There is a video about it in the YouTube channel AnalGenocide.

If they don’t know DBL, how could they “think by themselves” and make the “right decision”. (free will is fake)

There is as well a radicality and DBL members shouldn’t present the community to everybody. But still, if we meet someone of value, he’s enough near to DBL to know it. (strong, rich and nice people have never the opposite values of DBL.

Anyway, I have less and less friends that don’t like money or aren’t aware of how serious is the situation.

And people that are none of the two don’t worth our heed/friendship.

Thanks for your answers


I think people interested in the project find it themselves. I mean, it’s not hard to find for someone who shares our vision. when they need something, people who resemble each other find themselves … if they are not, it may be that they are not ready.


Hi bro,

I don’t think that you need to present DBL to your family and friend. We are not the “Témoins de Jéhovas” as we say in France.

You will earn more money, be healthier : in fact you will have more success if you work in the DBL methods and with your bros.

Your family and friend will ask you : How do you do to be so successful ? At this moment you can talk about DBL, not before.

Intellectual persuasion is hard. Social proof is strong.

So if you want to save one of your friend, as Stephen Covey says : Personnal win first, Social win second.

Have a nice day,

Arthur Ivan (ex Guide SuprĂŞme)


Now that we have the DBL ring, I think that it has changed.

Actually nothing change, but there is a bit of confusion, so I ask directly to JM his answer.

The rule is: you can speak about DBL to non-DBL people only if you aren’t expatriated


I totally join @Arthur_Ivan_G1, it’s useless to speak about DBL and it even devalues DBL, if yourself aren’t even a good example of what DBL is. And by “good example” I mean a successful guy who earns a lot and is healthy.

PS: I don’t even think I am a good example btw.

Edit: It’s just my own opinion and it doesn’t close the topic.


Enable to make find the right video,

I wanted to make mine.

But the outcomes were videos up to 32 minutes long (can’t even been posted on YouTube), that I could barely shrink to 13.

But I’ve seen some “little dark age” edits and one marked me more than others:

There was this picture of Jesus.

I wasn’t able to resist to the lust to make a Corda edit, like in this one:


So it’s what I did:

I had the thirst to do the same thing for the whole video.

I did a lot of versions, the video changed a lot within the multiple improvements.

The folder “source” of the project looks like this:

I worked 19 hours from the first project to the new version (within 2 monthes).

I could keep working with only few people seeing it but Lean Project philosophy!

The video was so good, it got suicided:

Thereby, one can only see the video on LBRY.


I never talk about DBL. I joined the community recently but i was following JM work for a year and half.

Only two close friends, who have the same state of mind, know about me " watching some DBL videos on Youtube".

They don’t even know i’m a member.

I tend to stay discreet and instead share the knowledge i learned on DBL & Tugan Bara classes with close friends.