How to fuck wildly without losing control?

As the title says, I have a lot of trouble holding back as the pace increases! I can see that my partners want something wilder but if I start to go harder, I finish in 20s, without enjoying it.

So for the moment, if I want to last I have to go slowly (but it’s boring for me and probably also for my partners), or I can go out and continue to stimulate my partners in other ways but if I have to do it every 20s it’s not great.

I’m working on sex toa and erection in concrete, but for the moment no result with girls.

If you have tips to better manage and increase the pace without ejaculating I would be interested, because I admit that it paise me a little!




Thanks for the Policy ! I modified everything

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Hi Lovnie (what a nice nickname)

Lots of things to say about this. First of all, since how many times did you practice sex tao ?

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I have known the sex tao for several years already with the books of Mantak Chia but I have never succeeded in having orgasms without ejaculation.

so I bought JM’s training to see if it would be better

I did my first time ressement and so I went back to it because it is a goal that is close to my heart and it could allow me to have a very active sex life while having the energy to worked hard

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Develop very good skills in Sex Tao takes years of regular practice and people are different about the time that they need to succeed in it.

To stay in the sex tao subject, I know with my experience that the training can be less efficient because of the concentration.

Let me explain : when you are practicing, the key thing is the feeling and I know that being concentrate on the breath and how many times I need to turn the energy in my head, slows down the sensation.

If we go on this way, the questions are :

  1. Do you feel your energy when you are practicing ?
  2. Do you think the problem is your concentration during the process which can invalid your training performance ?

Okay i see !

Yes, but just a little bit when I’m sitting down. I feel a lot more if I lie on my back

Yes sometimes i lost my focus so probably it doesn’t help

What do you about using headphone with a meditation noise ?

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If you have less difficulties with that position why not. Make sure that all of the sexual energy goes to your head and then in the front of your body. If you read Mantak Chia’s book, you read that the energy can be stuck in that position.

Why not if it helps you, just don’t be dependent.

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Try to get the formation “Retarde ton ejaculation”. Il y a des techniques qui marchent très bien.

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I have all the training of JM !

In fact I just realized, that I don’t put myself under pressure to be assured each time I meet a new girl. And since often, once I’ve fucked her, I don’t really want to see her again and well, I stay with that impression.

But with the only girl I saw several times again, I felt comfortable taking a little break of a few seconds if necessary.