How to buy a shitcoin launch before anyone else: Sniping tutorial

Hello DBL Community,

I’d like to firstly congratulate every to all who made life-changing money on $Checoin.

I can see that many of you are getting interested in DeFi, more specifically shitcoin launches on the BSC.

:red_circle: Today, I will show you how to be one of the first buyers of any coin launch.

Forget poocoin or pancakeswap, the pros use bots to “snipe” launches and get amongst the first transactions of the token.

By the time your transactions are confirmed, they are already up 2x, 3x, or even 10x sometimes.

This is because the market cap you enter heavily defines how much you multiply your investment.

Their transactions were confirmed at 50k market cap while yours went at 500k after the token already pumped, just a few seconds later.

Warning: trading shitcoins is extremely risky and you may lose everything. Sniping is very degenerate. This is not financial advice, and do your own research on any token launch.

This is how you do it:

Essentially, we want to interact with the blockchain directly.

:one: Visit pancakeswap contract page on bscscan:

You should be directed to the “Contract” tab. This is where you can interact with any token on the BSC.

Make sure you are on the official bscscan website before linking anything to your wallet!

:two: Connect your wallet

Approve your wallet (a popup will appear). Should turn green on the website.

:three: Scroll down to subsection 11 swapExactETHForTokensSupportingFeeOnTransferTokens

This is where the sniping happens!

:four: Fill in the following information

a. swapExactETHForTokensSupportingFeeOnTransferTokens: how much BNB do you want to spend for this trade? E.g. 2

b. amountOutMin: slippage settings, use 0 if you want to get in no matter what

c. path (address): here we will be swapping BNB (wBNB) → token of choice (CHECOIN)

i. 0xbb4CdB9CBd36B01bD1cBaEBF2De08d9173bc095c is the wBNB address (BNB and wBNB is the same thing, don’t ask why)

ii. 0x54626300818e5c5b44db0fcf45ba4943ca89a9e2 is the CHECOIN address

iii. It should look like this: 0xbb4CdB9CBd36B01bD1cBaEBF2De08d9173bc095c, 0x54626300818e5c5b44db0fcf45ba4943ca89a9e2

d. to (address): your wallet address

e. deadline: 1652996495 (basically 1 year from today, in numbers)

Now let’s put it all together, should look like this when completed.

:five: Write contract and approve the snipe

Now you can write the contract. Choose your gas fee: I’d say 50 gwei is a must. 500 gwei is quite degen.

Gas fees allow your transactions to be before anyone else. Make sure to test how much gas you are willing to afford (sometimes gas fees are so high it is not even worth it!).

Confirm transaction.

Your transaction will essentially sit there and go through as soon as the token is launched (when the liquidity is added).

:dollar: That’s all! Happy sniping you degenerate! :dollar:

I’d be happy to stay in touch and provide more info to this amazing community.


PS: It is essential you DYOR!! From what I’ve seen, token creators are getting fed up with bots and snippers. More and more tokens now use anti-sniping techniques to avoid bots pumping and dumping these coins. For example, you may be 90% taxed if you try to purchase within the first block (first 5-10 seconds). Or heavy sell taxes in the first hour of the token launch, etc…

PS2: I wouldn’t pay any guy on telegram or online to purchase his sniping bot. Beware of scammers.

Be safe y’all.


Hello Tapio,

Thanks for this tutorial, but I have a question :

How do you know the “deadline: 1652996495”, she change every days ?

Very good post !

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It’s basically a date number:

“deadline: 1652996495" is set for May 19th 2022. The purpose is to just set the snipe active for a long time. You don’t have to change it everyday.

Just remember to change the date once in a while.


You are the best :heartpulse:

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Hey Tapio, you know why I have so much gas fees ? I have test with different tokens but the fees its most big…

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Hi @AlexT_G3 and thanks for your guide.

It may sound dumb but as far as I know, the contract address is released once the coin is launched (at least it was the case with the CHE). Is there a way to get it before? Because if no, then it’s kinda useless. Maybe I missed some things…

I’m asking because I have a very small experience with the DeFi and don’t completely understand how this stuff works.

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Theo, how much gas fee (gwei) did you add in the previous step? Is that 500? Obviously that is overkill but worth it if you know what you’re doing.

Just put 5 if you’re just testing it out

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No worries Lucki.

Most of the time, the contract address is in the telegram before launch so you can check the code etc. (And you can snipe in this case).

But now more and more devs do “stealth launches”, where you don’t share the contract to the community before launch. This is to avoid bots and snipers dumping on the community after the initial pump.

The devs just drop the contract at any time and only then people buy. Stealth launches requires fast fingers and very high gwei to be amongst the first txs. You can prepare the sniper (amount, path, etc…) and paste the contract as soon as it drops and hope to god your MetaMask opens fast enough.

Not sure what was checoin I didn’t play it


Alright. And just to make sure, d. to (address) : your wallet address - that’s where we put our BNB address. Right?

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yes it’s true but I did some sniping and there wasn’t as much charge (around 0.005BNB) but after 3 or 4 sniping the charges got expensively. I tried again this morning and it worked a few times and then the fees were too high again.

The initial fees (gas price = 5 So it’s normal):

I change that and the fees it’s not expenssive :

I have a error massage :

And when I confirm the transaction, the bscscan told me “fuck you” :

So I don’t understand why I have a problem… Will I was snipp but just 3 or 4 snip. You know what this ? I have a limited snip par days ?

Thanks for your response Tapio.

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Yes, thats right.

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Theo I’m not exactly sure about this I’ve never encountered this problem. Do you still have it today?

I never touch max gas quantity to be honest, only gas price.

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@Chick_Norris sorry for asking, why was this post unlisted? I am not sure what I did wrong. Many thanks

Just basic checking

That won’t be long

So I don’t have found the problem, but I continue at make a test.

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Hi @AlexT_G3

Thanks for a useful topic but make sure you introduce yourself in #presentation first



Just enough, so that we understand where you come from.

  • Title of your topic: username or actual name - age - sphere/job
  • Age / Activity / Material and dating situation?
  • Reason for coming?
  • Short-term and long-term goals?
  • Add your generation marker to your username

If you introduced yourself too late, you’ll stay in the current generation. It’s your fault.

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Thanks! I will then pre-set something for the guccicake (cryptofactory) which is to be released tonight, hope there is no anti-sniping system… even if it’s the case, i am not going to cry, things have to be tried in life!


Do you have the telegram link? Might check it out