How create a densified forest everywhere (for DBL farmers)

Hi guys. I share you a short video who explain how create quickly a densified and diversified forest everywhere you want.

The technic exposed use the densification, the multi spices and the local biomass.

See you.

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How about focusing on our businesses, making money, and leaving France to begin with? (I’m in Estonia btw)

Now is not the time to talk about creating forests… At all…

You may not be wrong, but it’s not your task to tell him what to post or not. Did you really showing focus by writing this?

If his topic is useless, it will shows by itself.

Remember that DBL is about Domination and Love.

Be goodwilling in everything that you do and say.

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Yes it’s to make relation with the topic who talk about create Russian permaculture farms.

I haven’t find a survivalist section in the forum.

I create this topic to bring information to members who want create Russians permaculture farms.

Maybe isn’t the good section to publish it.

Well if that’s your goal I think you chosed the right place. Although you could edit your topic to make more obvious. Maybe add the provious topics about farming in Russia :slight_smile:

Done :+1:

If anyone has some land or want to try somewhere.