Holiday in Eastern Europe and vaccination pass

Hello guys.

After a slave year, I decided to blow a little and take action for better life.

These summer, I will travel in eastern Europe to discover these lands and make my choice to an expatriation.

I keep a good souvenir in Czech republic, when I went in 1999.

Bulgaria, Poland and Czech Republic interested in first time.

But I have a question about vaccination pass, have you travel to these lands since the establishment of these pass ?

I make some search and it’s blurry, except for the PCR test to do.


Hi bro,

According to the best of my knowledge, vaccination is not mandatory anywhere yet. The PCR test is mentioned on your pass so you can travel for two days to everywhere I looked.

But I predict that some countries will make it mandatory soon. ex : France, Russia, etc.

So you have to either : have some kind of healing certificate from covid, PCR test later than two days ago, or being vaccinated. It is all mentioned on the pass.

Best regards.


there is all the informations here:


Hi Hadrien, thank’ s a lot, I would to be sure.

Soon, the expatriation will be hard but nothing will be impossible.


There is, I will move in Bulgaria for holidays in august 12th for 12 days.

I look forward to travel and go away from French anxiety mood.

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